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Dave is one of six friends who made the thrill-seeking expedition to the island, accompanying Daphne, Rose, Rachid, Jennifer and André. Dave is the only one of Daphne's friends who has, as of Alpha, survived the southern portion of the island and made it to the high tower. Like the other friends, Dave also received a map.

Cellar Note[edit | edit source]

Though Dave did survive his kidnapping and successfully reached the high tower, he did not do so without assistance. In the quest Noises from the Cellar, Daphne is tasked with investigating the sounds of moaning from the cellar of the The Apricot Valley main house. In the cellar, she discovers a blood-stained mattress and a note written by a yet unknown individual. The Cellar Note document is addressed to Dave and explains that he was injured and deserves a "fair chance" at completing The Trials. The individual promises to accompany him as far into the trials as he or she is able.

Through the conversation with the old man near the main house, it is implied that the individual assisting Dave is male or that the man's "comrade" has some sort of ties with the individual who assisted Dave. Once recovered, Dave continued the trials, making his way to the high tower. He was gone before Daphne found her way into the cellar. The old man's companion left the valley.