Militia Enemies

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The Militia are the "guards" of the island, you will see them patrolling different areas of the island like The House of the Beach, The Stone Pillars, and more coming zones...

The Militia also appears in the Die Young Prologue as the principal threat.

Militia - Melee[edit | edit source]

The Militia enemies are the strongest normal enemies you can find, they have a good repertory of attacks and high damage in his attacks.
The Melee enemy can drop you the Baton, that is a really good basic weapon with high durability and medium damage.

Militia - Ranged[edit | edit source]

The Ranged Militia enemy is like a mini-boss, this type of enemy doesn't have high life but has high damage and can attack from a long distance with his Crossbow and if you try to attack him in the near distance, you will get kicked by him.
This enemy can be found in the surrounding areas of The Stone Pillars. Militiaranged1.jpg