Trial of Deprivation

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All aspirants began their trials in the Area of Deprivation. According to Brother Number One, this is a place where one is "...stripped of all their security and rights." Most aspirants begin their trials at the bottom of dry well. However, two aspirants have been confirmed to have started their respective trials in the basement of the Watchtower.

Purpose[edit | edit source]

As stated in the name of the trial, the purpose of this area is to strip the aspirant of all belongings and rights (possibly suggesting the right to life) and force them into a "survive or die" situation. Though Daphne may locate clothing and equipment during her progression through this trial, she starts with a simple shirt and pair of shorts. The intent is to both force the aspirant to survive with nothing, demonstrating that the trappings of modern society are not necessary for survival, and to test the aspirant's strength of determination.

Zones and Landmarks[edit | edit source]

The Trial of Deprivation consists of the following primary areas:

It is unknown which of these areas are intended to be part of the actual trial and which are located within the trial area by coincidence.