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Accessories are an Item Category of Die Young. They are stored in a specific section of the Inventory, they can't be discarded and they can't be equipped using Quick Slots. Accessories usually unlock new gameplay features or affect existing game mechanics. Some of them are needed to progress in the story.

Compass.png      Compass                 Canteen.png      Canteen          Collector's Diary.png      The Collector's Diary        Fuel Can.png      Fuel Can
Backpack.png Backpack Herbarium.png Herbarium Venom Tools.png Venom Tools Crafting Toolkit.png Crafting Toolkit
Utility Belt.png Utility Belt Pharmacy Tools.png Pharmacy Tools Walkie-Talkie.png Walkie-Talkie Shelters Map.png Shelters Map
Quiver.png Quiver Ancient Idol.png Ancient Idol Lighter.png Lighter Secret Files.png Secret Files