Brother 2's letter: Weapons

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Brother 2's letter: Weapons
Category: Brother Number 2

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Location: The Military Post

Author(s): Brother Number 2

Date: September 11th (2019)


“September 11th

Dear Brother Number 1,

Following the last incidents in the Labor Camp, the Harbor and the Village, I am of the opinion that the time has come to renegotiate our arrangements with the government regarding our militia’s equipment. Control over the riot could have been established quickly, had we had automatic weapons; instead, they keep sending us arrows and crossbows, like we are still in the Middle Ages! The government’s excuse of international controls just doesn't hold water; for them, we make trades that are way more illegal than smuggling firearms. I’d say they don’t want to end up with an army in their own backyard. But our dream of independence also depends on this.

I beg you to take this matter into serious consideration.

Brother Number 2”

Description[edit | edit source]

This is a copy of a personal letter by Brother Number 2 to Brother Number 1. It can be found in a room at the basement floor of the Military Warehouse, in The Military Post. The document is dated September 11th, the day after the "Labor Camp incident", Nehir's failed attempt to kill Brother Number 1 and her escape through The Harbor in Die Young: Prologue (see "Report: Assassination Attempt").

The letter shows Brother Number 2's frustration at not being able to manage the island's security due to the equipment provided by the Turkish government. This document explains why there are no firearms on the island, and why the militia is using crossbows instead.

The friction between Brother Number 2 and 1 is better shown in a letter of the next day: "Brother 2's letter: Change".