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Medikit Item.png
Units per slot: 1
▪ Health: +100
▪ Cured status: Poison

A cheap compass that you could find inside a bag of chips... Or as a giveaway at a videogame festival.” — Daphne (Die Young)


The compass is the first Accessory that players can pick up in Die Young. It can be equipped by pressing the Compass Button. Daphne holds it in the right hand, meaning that any other item will be temporarily unequipped. Running or using a weapon will immediately unequip the compass.

The red side of the needle points towards north. Aligning the needle with the N on the diagram will give the player the position of the other cardinal directions.

The compass, along with the Hand Drawn Map, are supposed to be the only items provided to the Strangers at the beginning of The Trials (some compasses can be seen on the table inside the Brother Number 3's Room, on the elevator station at The Stone Pillars).


The compass can be found right at the bottom of The Well, where the game starts.


The compass was actually a giveaway to promote the game during the GamesCom 2017. The backside of the compass had a QR code linking to the official page of Die Young.