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Consumables are items that are either crafted by Daphne, by using materials located on the island or are found scattered across the island. Some items can be carried while others are consumed on use. All crafted items can be carried in Daphne's inventory.

Consumables List

Item Name Stack Size Obtained Crafting Components Effect
Canned Food 1 World Pick Up Unncraftable Restores a small amount of health and hydration.
Berry Bush World Pick Up Uncraftable Restores a small amount of health and hydration
Beer Can 1 World Pick Up Uncraftable Restores a small amount of hydration.
Water Jug World Pick Up Uncraftable Restores a moderate amount of hydration.
Healing Powder 3 Automatic Potmarigold.pngx2 Restores a small amount of health.
Simple Bandage 3 Automatic Cloth.pngx1 Slows the health loss of the venom debuff.
Healing Compress 1 Herbarium Lavander.pngx2 Comfrey.pngx2 Restores 50% of the total health.
Medkit 1 Pick Up Uncraftable Fully restores health.
Lymphatic Compression 1 Cloth.pngx2 Lavander.pngx1 Curryplant.pngx1 Removes venom debuff.
Restorative Tonic 1 The Aprictot Valley (Basement)[ Curryplant.pngx1 Lavander.pngx1 Potmarigold.pngx1 Slowly restores health over time.
Healing Ointment 1 The Collector Comfrey.pngx3 Potmarigold.pngx3 Restores a large amount of health.
Portable Save Point Automatic Wood.pngx3 Hilo.pngx1 Saves the game.