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Consumables are items that are removed from the inventory once you use them. Usually the main function of a consumable item is healing or improving Daphne's abilities, like Stamina or Perception. These items are either found ready-to-use across the island or crafted by Daphne using raw materials. Some of them can be stacked in a single inventory slot up to 3 units.

Ready-to-use[edit | edit source]

Consumable ready-to-use items are medical supplies, drugs, food and drinks. Food and drinks recover some amount of both health and hydration, while medications can also affect stamina, aim and cure poison.

Adrenaline Shot.png
Canned Food.png
Beer Bottle.png
Beer Can.png
Medkit Painkillers Benzo-diazepine Adrenaline Shot Canned Food Beer Bottle Beer Can

Crafted[edit | edit source]

Consumables crafted items are items that can only be obtained by combing raw materials. To do so, Daphne needs to found the recipes first, which can be collected exploring the island or trading them with The Collector. The only exceptions are the Healing Powder (the recipe was taught to Daphne by her father) and the Simple Bandage, that can be crafted from the beginning of the game.

Healing Powder.png
Healing Compress.png
Healing Ointment.png
Restorative Tonic.png
Simple Bandage.png
Lymphatic Compression.png
Relaxing Infusion.png
Cooked Meat.png
Healing Powder Healing Compress Healing Ointment Panacea Restorative Tonic Simple Bandage Lymphatic Compression Stimulant Relaxing Infusion Soma Campfire Cooked Meat