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Documents are a significant element of Die Young. Most of the lore of the game is told through documents. The most important documents are found near key locations and they are hard to miss. Some others are found in optional locations, and they usually add interesting backstories to the main plot. Documents can also contain important hints to advance in the story, like information about items' or characters' whereabouts, or maps. Sometimes reading a document is necessary to complete a task.

With few exceptions, they usually appear as a sheet of paper that can be collected just like ordinary items. Documents can be opened by pressing the TAB-key (or View button on a controller) immediately after collection, or through the DOCS tab in the in-game Menu. Unread documents are marked with a yellow exclamation mark, the last collected document on top. Read documents are grayed out and listed in a predetermined order, instead. Some documents have multiple pages which can be turned by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the screen or by pressing left or right with directional buttons.

There is a total of 91 documents in Die Young. In the following list, they are grouped by topic or author (check the Places pages for documents' locations).

Trial Maps[edit | edit source]

These maps have been most likely drawn by Brother Number 3 himself as part of The Trials. They are supposed to help the Foreigners to survive in the Area of Deprivation, showing their starting location, the surrounding landmarks and some directions to reach the final destination: The High Tower. Similar maps are often found near other Foreigners' dead bodies. The starting location has a distinct mark. Interestingly, the color of this mark is different for each group of Foreigners (e.g. red for Daphne's group, blue for the climbers' group, etc.). According to these maps, there are seven possible starting locations: six wells (one is actually a sewer shaft) and the basement of The Watchtower (this is also confirmed by the red circles on the map on the wall in the elevator house on the top of The Stone Pillars).

The backside appearance of these documents resembles propaganda flyers, as the ones seen during the WW2 and Cold War era. In some cases, the illustration and the name of the document ominously hints to the cause of death of its owner.

Other Maps[edit | edit source]

The Botanist[edit | edit source]

Work Reports[edit | edit source]

The Worker (Fugitive)[edit | edit source]

Other Workers[edit | edit source]

Spanish Couple[edit | edit source]

Military Dog Tags[edit | edit source]

Survival Guide[edit | edit source]

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Community[edit | edit source]

Genesis[edit | edit source]

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The Executioner[edit | edit source]

Militia Files[edit | edit source]

Old Reports[edit | edit source]

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