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This is a guide for the most efficient way to progress in Die Young. IT DOES NOT represent the only way to play the game. Most of the island can be explored freely, although some actions or items are required to progress in the story. Under the Main Route, only the necessary steps to complete the game with the Good Ending are listed.

For a guide to how to unlock all the endings, read the Endings page.

Main Route Actions
The Well Climb up the well
The Manor Farm Find the Pharmacy Tools
The Pinewood Find the Poison Bait Recipe
The House on the Beach ♦ Feed the dog in the cage with a Poison Bait

♦ Pick up the Bull-Shaped Key

The Coastal Tower Reach the bottom to get to the shore
The Gate Open the Bull Door
The Olive Grove Reach the Dry Riverbed
The Dry Riverbed Reach the Holm Oak Ticket
The Holm Oak Thicket Reach the Stone Pillars
The Stone Pillars ♦ Find the Climbing Gloves

♦ Climb to the top to reach the High Tower

The High Tower ♦ Defeat Cujo

♦ Reach the top of the tower

♦ Pick up the Walkie-Talkie

Pyres Beach Pick up the Lighter
The Canebrake Reach Hollow Fields
Hollow Fields Reach the Biofuel Refinery
The Biofuel Refinery ♦ Set off the fire alarm

♦ Pick up the Fuel Can

Monumental Tombs Reach the Underworld Passage
The Underworld Passage Reach the Other Side
The Military Post Reach the Radio Tower
The Radio Tower ♦ Switch on the Radio Station

♦ Call André on the Radio

♦ Ask for clues about his position

The Military Post Reach the Old Mines
Old Mines ♦ Find the spinning windmill

♦ Find André

♦ Pick up the Gas Mask

The Military Post ♦ Find the Isolation Cells

♦ Speak with Ibrahim

♦ Steal the Secret Files

♦ Hand the Secret Files to Ibrahim

The Radio Tower ♦ Call the Mystery Man (140.48)

♦ Say the password

The Military Post ♦ Go to the Shelter and wait until the next day

♦ Reach the Temple of Hope

The Temple of Hope Kill all the enemies
Good Ending