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This is a small guide with useful information about some basics mechanic of Die Young (saving, drinking, sleeping, fast travels, etc...). For more details, visit the Game Mechanics page. You may also want to check the Difficulty page to make the right choice when selecting the starting mode (Adventure or Survival).

Campfires (Saving)

In Die Young, there are both automatic and manual savings. When the game is saving, a small icon will appear on the upper-right of the screen.

The game saves automatically every time you complete a quest or use a shelter (see below) using a single slot called "AutoSave". The game also saves in some key moments of the story (in this case usually the game creates new save slots with specific names).

To save manually, you have to use Campfires. Campfires are found all around the island. Every time you get close a campfire, a marker will be added to your map. There are two ways to save using campfires: quick saving and manual saving. To quick save your game, interact with a campfire by pressing and holding the Interaction button; if the campfire lights up, it means that you have successfully saved your game (a slot called "QuickSave" will be overwritten every time you use this saving method). To select a specific new slot in which you want to save your game, interact with a campfire using the B-key (or the A-button on a gamepad). This will open a saving menu in which you can choose to create a new slot or overwrite an old one.

Campfires can also be crafted in the Craft Menu (miscellaneous tab, the one with the light bulb icon). Depending on your starting mode, you can have access to crafted campfires from the start (Adventure Mode) or by obtaining the recipe later in the game (Survival Mode). Crafted campfires can be used just like any other consumable item in the game. Saving a game by using a crafted campfire counts like a Quick Save.

Tip: Campfires can also be used with Raw Meat to create edible Cooked Meat.

Water Sources (Drinking)

The blue circle in the bottom left corner of the screen is the Hydration gauge. It depletes in time and and when it reaches zero Daphne will suffer a heatstroke and eventually die (for more information, check the Survival paragraph in the Game Mechanics page). The best way to prevent that from happening is drinking directly from Water Sources.

Water Sources can have multiple forms, such as natural springs or water pumps, but they all works the same way. When you're close to a water source, a marker will be added to your map. Press and hold the Interaction button and Daphne will start drinking from the source; each time you hold the button for a given time, Daphne will take a sip and regain 1/5 of hydration. Keep pressing the Interaction button and she will be soon fully hydrated.

Additionally, if you got a Canteen, you can use water sources to refill it and save water for later.


Shelters are ancient underground caves that can be used for there main functions: sleeping, fast traveling and storing items.

From the outside they appear like small arches carved into the rock, with a circular stone sealing the access to the underground room. When you're close to a water source, a marker will be added to your map. By pressing the Interaction button, the game fades to black and a special menu will appear on the screen, indicating the name of the area in which they are located and three options to select: Rest (or Sleep), Fast Travel and Storage Box.

Fast Travels
Storing Items

Food (Eating)

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