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Keys are special, limited use items that unlock a specific access point in the game. They do not disappear from inventory once used. As the game is still in early alpha, the inventory system may change drastically or keys may be dropped after they have unlocked all of their intended doors.

Currently, the Manor Farm keys are the only set that opens more than one door.

Keys List

Key Name Location
Kennelkey.png Kennel Key The House on the Beach
Kennelkey.png Manor Farm Keys The Manor Farm
Lumberjackskey.png Lumberjack's Key The Pinewood
BullShapedKey.png Bull-Shaped Key The House on the Beach
Bloodsoakedkeys.png Blood soaked keys Kill the Executioner
OneandaHalf-Key.png One and a Half-Key House in the High Tower
Jackplugkey.png Jack plug key Cliff House