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In Die Young, keys are stored in a dedicated section of the inventory, they can't be discarded and they won't be tossed out after they've been used. Keys don't need to be equipped to work. Locked doors (or devices) that need a key to be opened are presented in the game with a red icon of a padlock; if the player has the right key in the inventory, the icon will be shown as white and the door can be unlocked using the interaction button.

On the island, Daphne can find both single keys and sets of keys. A single key can open only a specific door, while sets of keys (identified by the plural "keys" in the item's name) can open multiple doors. Only few keys are indispensable to complete the game; the other keys usually unlock shortcuts to exit o re-enter an area that has been already explored, or are needed to complete secondary tasks or collect optional items.

Manor Farm Keys.png
Lumberjack's Key.png
Kennel Key.png
Bull-Shaped Key.png
Locker Key.png
One and a Half Key.png
Blood-soaked Keys.png
Manor Farm Keys Lumberjack's Key Kennel Key Bull-Shaped Key Locker Key One and a Half Key Blood-soaked Keys
Jack Plug Key.png
Greenhouse Key.png
Mechanical Room Key.png
Headquarter Key.png
Dog Camp Key.png
Food Storage Key.png
Miner's Key.png
Jack Plug Key Greenhouse Key Mechanical Room Key Headquarter Keys Dog Camp Keys Food Storage Key Miner's Key