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Hand Drawn Maps[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of every aspirant's Trials, they are supplied with nothing but a hand drawn map of the Area of Deprivation. It depicts their current location as well as some general indication as to where they need to go. Each map found on a corpse is named similarly, and carries some visual resemblances, to the manner in which its carrier died. Some of these are more obvious than others (such as Jennifer) while others currently have no apparent explanation (Rachid).

Map Name Location
Hand drawn map.jpg Hand Drawn Map In the well, beginning of the game. Carried by Daphne.
Bloodstained map.jpg Bloodstained Map Found on Rachid near the Coastal Tower.
Bitten map.jpg Bitten Map Found on Jennifer in Pinewood.
Ripped map.jpg Ripped Map Found on Rose near The Watchtower.
Wet map.jpg Wet Map Found on the dead guy in the well at the Olive Grove.
Yellowed map.jpg Yellowed Map Found on dead woman in The Mountain Pass.
Farewell Map This map is a letter written by a man to his wife. Because it doubles as an in-game document, an image of it will not be displayed here. It is founded in the Garden House in Holm Oak Thicket.
Undelivered Map.jpg Undelivered Map Intended for Michael. Found in the Cliff House.
Dave's Map Like the Farewell map, this game is an in-game document that was written on the map of the Area of Deprivation. It was written by Dave to his friends, one of whom is Daphne.

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