Prologue Enemies

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In the Prologue you can find a lot of different enemies patrol the zone or in specific zones.

Junkies[edit | edit source]

The Junkies are the weakest human enemies you can encounter in the Die Young world. They mumble, shout, and speak nonsense but if you get too close they will become aggressive, attacking you(both physically and verbally) while simultaneously alerting other nearby junkies of your presence. Despite being weak they can be deadly in groups or if you do not pace your stamina and hits properly, as they can throw a series of hits that will stagger you(leaving you open to other attackers AND interrupting any attack you may have been trying to perform)
Though they are called Junkies and exhibit inappropriate behavior, it is directly implied and stated at different times that at least some of them are forced to take drugs, being guinea pigs for the new formulas that are created. It is also stated that the drugs, in high enough doses, cause the behaviors they display.
Junkie1.jpg Junkie2.jpg

Dogs[edit | edit source]

You can find Dogs patrol the zone of the Harbor, take care with this enemy, sometimes can alert other enemies and has medium damage with quick attacks. Anyway, you can easily evade Dogs and when you attack him (with any weapon) will try to evade you all the time.
Dog1.jpg Dog3.jpg

Militia - Melee[edit | edit source]

The Militia enemies are the strongest normal enemies you can find, they have a good repertory of weapons and high damage in his attacks.
The Melee enemy can drop you the Baton, that is a really good basic weapon with high durability and medium damage.
Militia1.jpg Militia2.jpg

Militia - Ranged[edit | edit source]

The Ranged Militia enemy is like a mini-boss, this type of enemy doesn't have high life but has high damage and can attack from a long distance with his Crossbow and if you try to attack him in the near distance, you will get kicked by him.
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Final Boss - Huge Hammer Guy[edit | edit source]

The Boss of the final stage is a big mutant human with a hammer. He is by far the toughest challenge of the zone with an abundance of health. His attacks are slow but powerful and can throw rocks if you are in an elevated area.
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