Prologue Weapons

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In the Prologue you can find a good repertory of Weapons scattered in the game.

Wooden Stick[edit | edit source]

Probably the most basic weapon, is useful to kill small enemies like rats but for nothing more, low damage and low durability.

Wrench[edit | edit source]

A powerful tool/weapon that can be used to kill small enemies and some normal enemies like humans. Has moderated damage and high durability.

Crowbar[edit | edit source]

A normal tool/weapon that can be used to open Padlocks and kill small enemies or some normal enemies like humans. Has moderated damage and high durability but also has a really slow attack.

Molotov[edit | edit source]

A powerful throwable weapon/item that can be used to kill big groups of enemies. Has high damage and a big area of effect.
To craft Molotovs you need Bottles and Cloth (and a barrel with Fuel or Fuel in the inventory). Molotov1.jpg Molotov2.jpg

Baton[edit | edit source]

The Baton is a basic powerful Weapon that can be obtained after killing a Ranged Militia enemy.
Has normal damage and normal durability but is really fast.

Lethal Injection[edit | edit source]

The Lethal Injection is a weapon that can be used to instakill animals and human enemies, also, you can use it as a crafting material to craft Poisoned Arrows.
To craft one Lethal Injection you need Potassium Chloride and an Empty Syringe.
Lethalinjection11.jpg Lethalinjection22.jpg

Crossbow[edit | edit source]

The Crossbow is the most powerful weapon of the game, you can find it in the Harbor or killing Ranged Militia enemies. This weapon has really high damage and can cause instakill if you hit the enemy in the head.

Arrow[edit | edit source]

Arrows can be used as ammo to the Crossbow. Has high damage and can cause instakill if you hit the head of the enemy.

Poisoned Arrow[edit | edit source]

Poisoned Arrows can be crafted combining normal Arrows and Lethal Injection, with that, you can get an arrow that can instakill all enemies (average sized humans and animals). Is one of the most powerful things of the game.

Torch[edit | edit source]

The Torch more than a weapon, is an item that you can use to illuminate very dark zones, anyway, you can use it to attack enemies, and after a number of consecutive attacks you do to the enemy, the enemy will catch in fire.
Torch33.jpg Torch333.jpg

Harpoon[edit | edit source]

The Harpoon is the most powerful melee weapon of the game, it has normal damage in the primary attack but very high damage in the secondary attack (Charged Attack).
You can found it in the final zone of the Harbor.
Harpoon1.jpg Harpoon2.jpg