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In Due Young there's a set of gauges and values displayed on the HUD regarding attributes of both Daphne and the items she's equipped.



It's represented by a red circle in the bottom-left corner of the screen. A full red circle means that Daphne has 100% of Health. An amount of health is lost every time you receive damage from enemies' attacks, falls or altered statuses. If the gauge reach zero, Daphne dies. Health can be regained using healing items (Medkit, Healing Powder, Restorative Tonic, etc.), eating food (Canned Food, Berries, etc) or resting in a Shelter.

Tip: the damage resistance can be increased wearing protecting gears such as:

Damage resistance can also be customized in the Difficulty settings.


It's represented by a blue circle in the bottom-right corner of the screen. A full blue circle means that Daphne is 100% hydrated. The hydration level decreases in time according to different conditions: sun exposure, physical efforts (running, climbing), wearable items. If the gauge reaches zero, your health will start depleting until you die from a heatstroke. Hydration can be replenished by drinking or eating some food (for more information check the Survival paragraph in the Game Mechanics page).

Tip: the Hydration Level can be customized in the Difficulty settings.

It's represented by a grey-filled circle in the bottom-right corner of the screen. A full grey circle means that Daphne has 100% of Stamina. Stamina decreases every time Daphne does physical efforts: running, climbing, fighting (attacking or blocking attacks) and swimming. When the stamina is getting low (around 20%) the gauge will turn yellow. If it reaches zero, Daphne will stop running, she'll lose her grip during climbing, her attacks will be weaker and slower, she'll not be able to block enemies' attacks and she'll start drowning if she's swimming. When Daphne stops doing physical efforts, the stamina will automatically recover after a few seconds (note that if you keep attacking or blocking, the stamina will not recover). Once the stamina is back to a value above 20%, Daphne will be able to perform physical efforts again.


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