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Putting money into various national and international sports winner receiving a dividend based on the results ` Sports Toto and the fact Toto 'Internet site by a lot of people use. It is said that the size of the private gambling market is estimated to be 83.8 trillion won as of 2015. It is four times the size of legal gambling such as Kangwon Land , Sports Toto, Lotto, and horse racing (2.1 trillion won in 2017). Private Toto sites were created one by one from about 10 years ago, and began to earn enormous profits, and as these rumors spread, they sprang up and grew into a huge market. The private Toto site was a different place. There were all kinds of sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, American football, and handball held all over the world. )·Specials (the first walk in baseball, the first three-point shot in basketball, the first half of soccer, etc.) were various. Legitimate Sports Toto (Batman) can bet the result of the match, including win, draw, and loss, starting from at least two matches, but private Toto can bet from the first match. The amount of bet on the Batman site (Sports Toto) is 1 million to 100,000 won, and private Toto is 50 to 3 million won. Of course, the dividend rate is also high. Past government has partially accepted online bets via the internet in 1996, etc. ARS horse racing betting, horse racing, cycle racing, motorboat 2004 July 2006 ' Sea Story'After the incident, it was banned outside of the over-the-counter store. In the case of the UK, under the Gambling Act of 2005, a business operator with certain conditions can operate a gambling site . Four types of online sports betting, online casinos , online poker, and online bingo can be legally operated. In 2014, the standard for online gambling tax collection changed from'source' to'consumer', so foreign businesses previously did not pay taxes, but now online businesses targeting British people are required to pay 15% of their bets as