The Apricot Valley

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The Apricot Valley is a zone where live a small community of people.
It contains a broken pump, similar to the one near the Twin Houses, as well as multiple water sources inside the main house. Additionally, the house contains an unending supply of stored apricots, which can be used to fully recover Daphne's wellness.

In the barn-like structure on the hill, Daphne can find the athletic shorts which, in game, gives her the Kneepads. Completing the Noises from the Cellar quest rewards Daphne with the Restorative Tonic recipe.





You can find a barn-like structure in the zone of The Apricot Valley. In it, you can find the Kneepads, and some Rats as enemies.

Document (Resolution)

In the barn, you can find the document Resolution.


You can find the Kneepads in the barn-like structure in The Apricot Valley.
You will need a Crowbar to open the box that contains the item.
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You can eat Apricots from the trees of The Apricot Valley.


There is an NPC in the zone that you can talk with him to know more about the story of the game, also, he will give to you the mission Noises from the Cellar.
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Document (Last pages of a girl's diary)

You can find the document Last pages of a girl's diary in the main house of the zone.

Video walkthrough: / and (second part of the video)