The Farm House

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The Farm House
Category: Optional

Location: Area of Purification

Fast travel: No

Greenhouse Key

Ancient Idol

Owl Drawing

Letter to Brother N.1

Barn Warning

Explore the Farm House


The Farm House is located in the southern part of Hollow Fields. There are three main buildings in the area: the Farm House, the Barn and the Greenhouse.

The Barn

All the doors of the Farm House are locked, so you need to find another way in. Head to the barn and collect the document nailed on the wooden pillar close to the fuel source ("Barn Warning"). The document hints that some of the hay bales might not be stored properly. That's the case of the hay bale near you. Place yourself behind it and press the Interaction Button. The bale will start rolling towards the house, eventually stopping on its wall.

Tip: in case the hay bale gets stuck without reaching the house, save the game (there's a campfire next to the barn) and reload; the bale should be now in its correct final position.
The Farm House

Climb the hay bale you pushed earlier and get on the balcony. Use the ladder on your left and jump on the ledge on your right. Get in the attic through the window and look for an opened hatch. Go down from there and you'll find yourself on the second floor. Check the closest room. On the night stand on the right side of the bed there's a document ("Letter to Brother N.1"), hinting that The Beekeeper lives there. Unlock the door to the balcony, then go back inside to check the rest of the house. On the same floor there's another room with walls childishly decorated with bees and beehives. That's The Beekeeper's room. Pick up the document on the table ("Owl Drawing") and go downstairs. On a cabinet near the main entrance you'll find the Greenhouse Key. Grab it and check the kitchen for useful items.Then leave the house and head to the Greenhouse on the back.

The Greenhouse

First, take a look inside from the back of the greenhouse: there's an Ancient Idol on a table in the corner. To open the door of the greenhouse you need the key you picked up inside the farm house. A sign on the door informs you that the greenhouse is currently under fumigation. If you try to get in, Daphne will start coughing and your health will start to go down fast. A tutorial will show up advising you to wear a Gas Mask.

The Gas Mask is inside André's hideout at the Old Mines.

Video walkthrough: / and