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After leaving the Sewers, you will start your second mission "Go past the Harbor".
After you leave the Sewers you will start your second mission "Go past the Harbor".
==Corpses on Fire and Items==
==The First Campfire==
In the first zone of the Harbor, you can find a lot of items scattered around the floor (for example, cloth, bottles, etc... ).<br>
In the Campfires, the player is allowed to save the game.<br>
Also, there is a zone where you can find corpses on fire at the top of a hill, where you can take a first peek at the full Harbor zone (useful to start making a possible route to evade enemies).<br>
Holding E to do a Quick Save or hitting Q to Save the game (with the option to select the save file).<br>
[[File:firstpeekharbordy1.jpg|380px]] [[File:firstpeekharbordy2.jpg|380px]]
==Hide in Grasses==
==The Tree and Items==
In the game, there is a type of grass you can hide in if you remained crouch ([[Controls]]).<br>
In the first zone of the Harbor, you can find a lot of items scattered in the ground (for example, Arrows for the Crossbow [[Weapons]]).<br>
When you are hiding in grasses, enemies can't see you (useful to evade enemies).<br>
Also, there is a tree in the top of the hill where is a zone to take a first peek of the full Harbor zone (useful to start making a possible route to evade enemies).<br>
[[File:grasses22dy.jpg|380px]] [[File:grasses11dy.jpg|380px]]
==Throwing Rocks to Move Enemies==
If an enemy blocks your path, you can cause a distraction by throwing ([[Controls]]) a rock. You can throw the rock in any direction, and it will cause noise that the enemy must investigate. (useful to open zones where enemies block the path).<br>
[[File:throwrock11dy.jpg|380px]] [[File:throwrock22dy.jpg|380px]]
==Perception and Enemies==
You can use Perception ([[Controls]]) to highlight near enemies (useful to look is there any enemy in your path).<br>
==Enemies and Movement Path==
All enemies in the Harbor have a specific movement path; you need to learn these routes to try to evade them.<br>
==Locked Doors (from the other side)==
Some doors will be locked from the other side. To open it, you need to find an alternative method to enter the site and unlock it from inside.<br>
==The First Crossbow==
In the Harbor, you will find the first Crossbow ([[Weapons]]).<br>
The Crossbow is one of the most powerful weapons of the game. The Crossbow can be used to kill enemies from the distance without being detected.<br>
The Crossbow use arrows as ammo (arrows can be founded in the Harbor or killing Ranged type enemies ([[Enemies]]).<br>
==Document (Item #376-D (Ancient Idol)==
[[File:doc1dy.jpg|380px]] [[File:ancientidol.jpg|380px]]
==Tip: Quiver==
Tip: kill that enemy with the Crossbow (shooting an arrow towards the head) to get the Quiver. <br>
The Quiver is a useful item that allows the player to stack arrows.<br>
==Marked Zones==
In the Harbor, you may come across some marked zones, which can be identified by a yellow cloth. These yellow cloths suggest a possible route to finding the objective.<br>
<center>[[File:yellowcloth1.jpg|380px]] [[File:yellowcloth2.jpg|380px]] [[File:yellowcloth4.jpg|380px]]</center>
==Lift Truck==
You can activate the button of the Lift Truck to lift up one container and sometimes this enables a new path (the Lift Trucks can't be moved).<br>
[[File:lifttruck11.jpg|380px]] [[File:lifttruck22.jpg|380px]]
==Tip: Watchtower Enemies==
Tip: You can easily kill the Watchtower enemies with a Crossbow; try to reach an elevated position and aim for the head to get an instant kill.<br>
Killing the Watchtower enemies allows you a little bit more of freedom to explore the Harbor.<br>
[[File:enemytower11.jpg|380px]] [[File:enemytower22.jpg|380px]]
==The First Watchtower - Alarm/Gate==
In each watchtower, you can find a button that activates an alarm that'll open the marked gate.<br>
In the first watchtower, you can open the gate to start a fight between the Military enemies and the junkies (useful to clear some enemies from the map).<br>
[[File:watchtower11button.jpg|380px]] [[File:watchtower11door.jpg|380px]]
==Tip: Lethal Injection==
The [[Weapons|Lethal Injection]] is a powerful one-use item that can be used to instant kill Animals and Average-Sized Humans (Military and Junkies).<br>
You can find the material to craft that item in several parts of the Harbor.<br>
<i>Try to use it only in extreme emergencies (if an enemy sees you suddenly, you can instant kill him, without alerting the other guards in that zone) or save it for the final fight.</i><br>
<center>[[File:lethalinjection1.jpg|380px]] [[File:lethalinjection2.jpg|380px]]
==Master Key==
The Master Key is the most important item of the Harbor. With it, you can open all doors that were previously locked.<br>
To reach that location, you will need to do a "faith jump" from the tower to the roof of the other side, and go through the air duct.<br>
<center>[[File:masterkey1.jpg|380px]] [[File:masterkey2.jpg|380px]] [[File:masterkey3.jpg|380px]]</center>
==Document (Report - Worker's Riot)==
<center>[[File:doc2dy.jpg|380px]] [[File:docworkersriot1.jpg|380px]]
==The Elevator==
There are two elevators in the Harbor. One is blocked and the other one is accessible.<br>
You can use it to past from the low part of the Harbor to the high part.<br>
<strong><i>Tip: Keep in mind that you are exposed when you use the elevator to cross the Harbor. Sometimes one [[Enemies|Ranged Enemy]] can see you in the Elevator.</i></strong><br>
[[File:elevator1.jpg|380px]] [[File:elevator2.jpg|380px]]
==Document (Worker's List)==
[[File:workerslist1.jpg|380px]] [[File:workerslist2.jpg|380px]]
==The Torch==
You can craft a Torch to illuminate dark areas. This is useful in one of the zones of the Harbor that is submerged in darkness....and full of enemies.<br>
<strong><i>Tip: you can equip it in the Toolbar, but be cautious when using it, because the torch is a perishable item. When activated, its lifespan is relevantly short. In other words, just use it when you need it.</i></strong><br>
[[File:torch22.jpg|380px]] [[File:torch11.jpg|380px]]
==Sewer - The Harbor==
In the Harbor, you will find a Sewer that is plagued by [[Enemies|Junkies]].<br>
<strong><i>Tip: try to craft some Molotovs to kill the group of Junkies easily (or just run through all the enemies).</i></strong><br>
[[File:sewerharbor11.jpg|380px]] [[File:sewerharbor22.jpg|380px]]
The Laboratory can be opened with the key that is located on the first floor of the same zone.<br>
[[File:laboratory1.jpg|380px]] [[File:laboratory2.jpg|380px]]
==Document (Test Data (Drug AHBC-#13))==
<center>[[File:testdata1.jpg|380px]] [[File:testdata2.jpg|380px]]
==The Second Watchtower==
In the second Watchtower, you can activate the button to open the assigned gate (useful to distract enemies and try to pass to the other side).<br>
[[File:watchtower22.jpg|380px]] [[File:watchtower2gate.jpg|380px]]
==The Final of the Harbor (part 1)==
After a little bit of parkour, you can reach the mountain and final segment of the Harbor (part 1). From here, you can reach part 2 of the Harbor, and then the finale of the Prologue.<br>
<strong><i>[[The Harbor (part 2)]]</strong></i><br>

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