The Harbor (part 2)

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After finishing The Harbor (part 1) you will start your third and last mission "Reach the Extraction Point" which is the end of the Prologue.

First view of the Final Zone[edit | edit source]

After getting through a mountain cave, you can get a first peek of the final zone of the Harbor.
At the start, there are no enemies on the map...

The Final Fight[edit | edit source]

The final fight only starts once you walk near the dead body. The fight starts after a cinematic, and the lights of the zone turn on, cueing the appearance of a lot of enemies in the zone (and a boss).
Final55.jpg Final66.jpg

Craft Molotovs[edit | edit source]

On one side of the zone, you can find barrels with fuel and use this to craft Molotovs.

Secret Cave[edit | edit source]

There is a cave on one side of the zone that you can enter to take a peek at the zone with all enemies (also, is useful to attract enemies to it and try to kill them one by one).

Cavepicture2.jpg Cavepicture3.jpg

The Boss[edit | edit source]

The Boss of the final stage is a big mutant human with a hammer. He is by far the toughest challenge of the zone with an abundance of health. His attacks are slow but powerful.

Finalboss1.jpg Finalboss3.jpg Finalboss2.jpg

Tips: Final Fight[edit | edit source]

  • Kill the Ranged Enemies with the Crossbow(with Poisoned Arrow you can instakill normal enemies). It would be ideal to try to aim for the head to achieve an instant kill. This can be helpful because the Ranged Enemies are one of the most problematic enemies of the zone.
  • Try to group some enemies together (Melee Enemies for example) and kill them with a Molotov. You could also use some rocks (or normal attacks).
  • Try to not fight different groups of enemies at the same time. If you can, attract the Dogs to the cave to kill them individually. It's ideal to separate enemies from each other.
  • Save the final boss for last, and confront him when you have more open space to evade his attacks.
  • Poisoned Arrows are lethal to normal enemies (try to craft someones).
  • Hitting the Boss in the head with Arrows causes critical damage.

The Final[edit | edit source]

After killing the boss, you will need to take the keys to the Sewer. After that, you are enabled to open the Sewer to reach the end of the Prologue (and a final cinematic).