The Pinewood

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The Pinewood is a region of the island located at the northwest of The Manor Farm.



Closed House

You can find a closed house in The Pinewood.
To open it you will need to find the Keys.
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Document (Poison Bait Recipe)

In one house located in the zone, you can find the document Poison Bait Recipe.

Document and Key (Lumberjack's)

In this zone of the The Pinewood you can find the document Lumberjack's Note and the Lumberjack's Key.
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In this zone of The Pinewood you can find the Backpack.
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You can find the Shoes in one zone of The Pinewood near a Dog and the body of Jennifer.
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Document (Bitten Map)

Near the body of Jennifer you can find the document Bitten Map.
Pinewoods11.jpgBitten map.jpg

Boss of The Pinewood & Lumberjack's Key/Jack plug Key

At the surroundings of The Pinewood you can find this giant enemy patrolling the area.
This boss has the same attacks of The Executioner
After killing him, you can find in his body the Lumberjack's and the Jack plug Key.
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