The Stone Pillars

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The Stone Pillars is a large region between Holm Oak Thicket and Apricot Valley. For story purposes, it serves as the final obstacle before reaching the High Tower. It is primarily a climbing-based zone, offering little in the way of story and nothing in the way of lore. There are very few enemies patrolling this area.

Near the beginning of the zone, when entering from Apricot Valley, the base camp for a small group of climbers can be found. While the documents Climber's Note - Day 1 and Climber's Note - Gloves indicate that four people arrived on the island to explore the Stone Pillars, only two corpses can be found. The whereabouts of the other two climbers is currently unknown.

The path to the top of this area is marred by large paintings on the stone faces. These paintings depict short statements intended to decry the influence of the outside world and endorse the values of the community.



Document (Climber's Note - Gloves)

At the start of the zone, you will find the document Climber's Note - Gloves.

The Wall

At the start of the zone, you will find a giant wall to climb.
To pass this zone, you will need some equipments like Soccer Team Hat, Sneakers Shoes, Kneepads, Climbing Gloves.