The Temple of Hope

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The Temple of Hope
Category: Main Route

Location: The Other Side

Fast travel: No

Old Shepherd
The Final Countdown (continued)

The Last Fight

(only in the last fight)

Brother Number 3*

The Executioner*

Melee militiamen (5)

Crossbow militiamen (4)

Trained Dogs (3)

The Temple of Hope is an ancient Greek temple located above the Old Mines. The area can only be reached from a path starting east of The Military Post, on the other side of the river. Visiting the temple is not necessary until the very end of the game. However, if you get there before the last day of Daphne's adventure, you can meet the Old Shepherd, who's full of information about the Brothers and the Community's past.

This area is where two of the three endings of the game take place: if you get to the Temple in time for the rendezvous with Ibrahim's friends, you'll have to fight over your freedom for one last time before escaping the island; if your get there too late, you'll never have another chance to leave.

The Last Fight

The last fight of the game is very difficult, and it's important to arrive to temple with the right equipment. First of all, it's advisable to wear both the Body Armor and the Leg Protectors to reduce the amount of damage taken from the enemies (both items can be found in The Military Post). As for the weapons, equip a Crossbow with a good stack of arrows (preferably Poison Arrows) and craft as many Molotovs you can. Finally, make sure to have some healing items with you.

As you approach the actual temple, a cut-scene will be played. The scene shows an helicopter hovering above the area while a group of soldiers are trying to stop it from landing. A the end of the sequence, the game show you new enemies coming from the gate you just crossed. Now, by default the enemies spawning at your back are two Melee militiamen and Brother Number 3. However, if you've killed Brother Number 3 when you were at The Pinewood, The Executioner will be sent in his place. If you killed The Executioner too, back in the sunflower field in Temple Ruins, then only the two Militiamen will be spawned in the last fight.

Once the cut-scene is ended, Daphne will crouch automatically. Keep low and move on your left, in a small recess of the rocks, so that the enemies coming from the gate won't see you while they are running to join the others. The area has a total of: five Melee militiamen, four Crossbow militiamen (three of them are in an unreachable elevated ground in the north/north-western part of the area), three Trained Dogs. All enemies are distracted by the helicopter, except for the dogs that roams around the temple. Stealthily kill them first, using the tall grass to hide while moving on the left side of the area.

As the enemies around are gathered under the hovering helicopter, a good strategy is to get close without being spotted and use a Molotov to eliminate as much enemies as possible (killing just one of them from a distance it's not advisable, since the others will start chasing you immediately). Retreat and let the survivors of your first attack loose your tracks by hiding in the tall grass. Now, the truck parked on the north-western area of the arena has several useful items on the back: a Medkit, three Empty Bottles and a box from which you can loot an unlimited number of Arrows (the downside is that only three arrows will be given every 5 seconds of pressing the interaction button); also, few Cloth materials are scattered around. Keep in mind that that area is in plain sight, though, and that the three Crossbow militiamen can easily shoot you from their elevated position. For this reason, you should prioritize their killing, trying to reach them with your Crossbow far from their range.

A useful safe spot to retreat to if you get spotted is a cavity in the rock to the east, where the sinkhole is. As parkour is needed to reach it, the enemies won't be able to follow you there. Here you can take a break, heal yourself and re-plan your strategy.

As you kill the rest of the enemies, you'll eventually confront the main boss of the fight, either Brother Number 3 or The Executioner (unless you killed them both earlier in the game). The main differences between the two are their health points (3.000 the former, 2.000 the latter) and the headshot invulnerability of Brother Number 3, due to his helmet. The easiest way to kill them is by using Poison Arrows, which will slowly decrease their health while you are safely hiding (the number of arrows you needs depends on your difficulty settings). Molotovs are another viable strategy (there are total of four empty bottles in the arena, three on the truck and one on the forklift; a Fuel Source is located in the north-western corner of the area, not far from the truck).

Once you kill the last enemy, the final cut-scene is played: the helicopter lands, Daphne gets on board and she leaves the island for good.

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