The Village

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The Village Door.jpg
The Village
Category: Optional

Location: Area of Purification

Fast travel: No

Join the Community (continued)

The Village is not strictly speaking an area of the game, since only the main gate is visible while playing. It's located west of the Hollow Fields.

If you go there without having completed The Last Trial (by killing Dave or André at Pyres Beach), there's nothing you can do in this place. However, if you did fulfill the final trial, Brother Number 1 will invite Daphne to join the community, and you'll find a table with a red cloth and a cup of water waiting for you in front of the gate. Then, Brother Number 1 will ask you to drink the water -- which, of course, is not just water. If you drink from the cup, Daphne will start to feel dizzy and she'll lose consciousness. That's the beginning of the Village Ending.

Video walkthrough: