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I'm Angelo (18) from Ugglebarnby, Great Britain.
I'm learning English literature at a local college and I'm just about to graduate.
I have a part time job in a college.

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Hello from United States. I'm glad to be here. My first name is Alexis.
I live in a small city called Chandler in south United States.
I was also born in Chandler 26 years ago. Married in April 2004. I'm working at the backery.

I'm Ernestine and I live in a seaside city in northern Germany, Markneukirchen. I'm 36 and I'm will soon finish my study at Film Studies.

Name: Monte McGregor
My age: 20
Country: United States
City: Richmond
ZIP: 23223
Street: 2025 Eden Drive

My name is Cindy Kraegen but everybody calls me Cindy. I'm from Norway. I'm studying at the university (2nd year) and I play the Guitar for 6 years. Usually I choose songs from the famous films :).
I have two sister. I love Boxing, watching movies and Geocaching.

Hello, I'm Christoper, a 28 year old from Weetulta, Australia.
My hobbies include (but are not limited to) Cricket, Cubing and watching CSI.