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=Weapons List=
=Weapons List=
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Die Young provides very few weapons to the player, relying instead on the ability of the protagonist to run, climb and jump in order to escape various hazards. The primary purpose of these items is generally utility-based plot progression, with offensive capabilities being a secondary function. The game adopts a degradation system similar to other games in which the item will break after a certain number of uses. Each weapon does a fixed amount of damage to all enemies, regardless of the enemy type. Each weapon also has a "charged" attack that can be used by holding the attack button (Controls). Releasing the button before a full charge does normal damage, regardless of how full the charge meter is. Additionally, to further underscore the "flight over fight" leaning in the game, the weapon items do very little damage, making them all but ineffective against enemies other than rats and normal snakes. (Unlike crafting components, equipment, and key items) Weapon items occupy a slot in the player's inventory. Prior to obtaining backpack upgrades (Equipment), this may significantly hamper the player's ability to carry health and resource items, depending on which areas the player chooses to explore first.


Most weapons can be crafted after locating them over the course of the game. Some require specific documents and some may be obtained from NPC characters. In many cases, the crafted version of the weapon or tool is not as durable as the original.

Weapons List

Name Damage Charged Damage Location Crafting Materials Additional Requirement Addition Information






Sticks are common across the island and have moderate durability.




Twing Houses | Olive Grove


Sometimes useful for specifics tasks.

Crafted Wrench 13 35 Crafted Only Scrapmetal.pngx1 Hilo.pngx1 Wood.pngx1 Picked up Wrench at least once. Less durable than the Wrench.
Knife 7 20 Temple Ruins | The House of the Beach Uncraftable A useful survival weapon.
Crafted Knife 13 35 Crafted Only Scrapmetal.pngx1 Hilo.pngx1 Wood.pngx1 Picked up Knife at least once. Less durable than the Knife.
Crowbar 10 25 Temple Ruins | Coastal Tower | House on the Beach | Apricot Valley | Cellar Uncraftable Sometimes useful for specifics tasks.
Crafted Crowbar 10 25 Crafted Only Scrapmetal.pngx2 Hilo.pngx2 Wood.pngx2 Picked up Crowbar at least once. Less durable than the Crowbar.
Shovel 10 15 The Holm Oak Thicket Uncraftable Sometimes useful for specifics tasks.
Crafted Shovel 10 15 Crafted Only Scrapmetal.pngx1 Hilo.pngx1 Wood.pngx2 Picked up Shovel at least once. Less durable than the Shovel.
Survival Knife 10 25 Olive Grove Uncraftable An excellent survival weapon.
Harpoon 10 45 Trade from The Collector Uncraftable Cost: Two Ancient Idols. A very harmful weapon.
Crafted Harpoon 10 45 Crafted Only Scrapmetal.pngx1 Hilo.pngx2 Wood.pngx2 Harpoon must be obtained. Less durable than the Harpoon.
Poison Needle Instant kills Animals and average size humans. Traded from The Collector Scrapmetal.pngx1 Poison.pngx3 Cloth.pngx1 Cost: Three Ancient Idols. Adds Poison Status to people when injected.
Distraction Rocks 3 Given from start Uncraftable Unlimited supple. No charged attack. Very inaccurate.
Poison Bait (Non-Lethal) Stuns animal for one minute. Crafted Only Belladona.pngx2 Flyagaric.pngx1 [File:Canned Food.png]x1 Cost: Three Ancient Idols. 1 per stack.
Poison Bait (Lethal) Instantly kills animals. Crafted Only Belladona.pngx2 Flyagaric.pngx1 Poison.pngx5 [Canned Food]x1 Pharmacy Tools. 1 per stack.
Crossbow ? ? Obtained from Ranged Enemies A powerful weapon.
Arrow Obtained from Ranged Enemies or death Wolfs Ammo for the Crossbow.
Crafted Arrow Crafted Only It is destroyed after hitting something.