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In Die Young there are several items that can be used not only as tools, but also as weapons. Even if the safest strategy to survive is running, hiding and avoiding enemies, sometimes engaging in combat may be necessary. Most of these items can be found exploring the island and searching the buildings. Each of them takes one slot in the inventory.

Weapons can be divided in three main types: Melee, Ranged and Fire weapons.

Melee weapons[edit | edit source]

Melee weapons are usually tools. Each weapon has its own Durability, Blocking power, Attack Damage, and Stamina consumption. Once they have been picked up, a new blueprint will be added in the Tools Tab of the Crafting Menu, allowing the player to craft the same kind of weapon/tool from then on. The crafted version of a tool can be used to fulfill the same purpose of the original tool; however, its stats, such as Durability and Attack Damage, are lower. Visit the Melee Weapons Stats page for further details.

Regular[edit | edit source]

Wooden Stick.png      Knife.png      Survival Knife.png      Baton.png      Wrench.png      Crowbar.png      Shovel.png      Harpoon.png      Pickaxe.png      Severed Arm.png
Wooden Stick Knife Survival Knife Baton Wrench Crowbar Shovel Harpoon Pickaxe Severed Arm

Crafted[edit | edit source]

Crafted Knife.png      Crafted Wrench.png      Crafted Crowbar.png      Crafted Shovel.png      Crafted Spear.png      Crafted Pickaxe.png      Poison Needle.png
Crafted Knife Crafted Wrench Crafted Crowbar Crafted Shovel Crafted Spear Crafted Pickaxe Poison Needle

Ranged weapons[edit | edit source]

In Die Young the player can throw some of the items and use them to harm enemies. It's also possible to throw a rock. Common items, such as Empty Bottles or Canned Foods make really low damage, while Knives can do a lot of damage if thrown (however, they can't be retrieved if they hit a target). Later in the game the player can pick up a Crossbow and load it with different types of arrows.

For details about the damage amount inflicted by throwable items and arrows, see Ranged Weapons Stats page.

Crossbow.png      Arrow.png      Crafted Arrow.png      Poison Arrow.png
Crossbow Arrow Crafted Arrow Poison Arrow

Fire weapons[edit | edit source]

Fire weapons are available for crafting after picking up the Lighter at Pyres Beach (it will appear only after "The Last Trial" task is added to the To-Do List). When the player hits an enemy with this kind of weapons, it will set them on fire and a "fire damage" will be added to the target. The Torch needs a few hits to make the enemies catch fire, while a Molotov will immediately set on fire all the enemies inside its radius.