From dieyoung

Twin Houses Reach Twin Houses

The Manor Farm Reach The Manor Farm

The Watchtower Reach The Watchtower

The House on the Beach Reach The House on the Beach

The Pinewood Reach The Pinewood

The Military Post Reach The Military Post

Monumental Tombs Reach Monumental Tombs

The Stone Pillars Reach The Stone Pillars

The Coastal Tower Reach The Coastal Tower

The Gate Reach The Gate

Temple Ruins Reach Temple Ruins

The Mountain Pass Reach The Mountain Pass

The Holm Oak Thicket Reach The Holm Oak Thicket

The High Tower Reach The High Tower

The Canebrake Reach The Canebrake

Hollow Fields Reach Hollow Fields

The Biofuel Refinery Reach The Biofuel Refinery

The Radio Tower Reach The Radio Tower

Old Mines Reach Old Mines

The Temple of Hope Reach The Temple of Hope

The Bulldoor Open the Bulldoor

Shelter Rest in a shelter

Fire Walk with Me Complete the task "Fire Walk with Me"

A Ticket to Freedom Complete the task "A Ticket to Freedom"

Friends Find my friends

Poison Baits Craft a poison bait

The Campers Complete the task "The Campers"

The Collector's Diary Complete the task "The Collector's Diary"

Explore the High Tower Complete the task "Explore the High Tower"

Ibrahim Find Ibrahim

Escape the island Escape the island

Latecomer Be late at the rendez-vous

Join the Community Join the Community

Beekeeper Kill the Beekeeper

Brother Number 3 Kill Brother Number 3

The Apricot Valley Reach The Apricot Valley

The Dry Riverbed Reach The Dry Riverbed

The Olive Grove Reach The Olive Grove

Cliff Ruins Reach Cliff Ruins

Pyres Beach Reach Pyres Beach

The Underworld Passage Reach The Underworld Passage

The Other Side Complete the task "The Other Side"

Andre's Hideout Find Andre's Hideout

Kill the Liar Kill the Liar to complete The Last Trial

Kill the Coward Kill the Coward to complete The Last Trial

Cujo Kill Cujo

Executioner Kill the Executioner

The Farm House Reach The Farm House