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Crafting in Die Young requires no special interface. Daphne needs only know the recipe and possess the required items. She is able to craft makeshift versions of weapon items as well as healing items. She cannot current craft any item that increases her stats or abilities. The complete list of craftable items is listed below.

Crafting List[edit | edit source]

Weapon Name Stack Crafting Materials Additional Requirement Description
Crafted Wrench 1 Scrapmetal.png x2 Wood.png x1 Hilo.png x1 Weapon item used for certain repair quests.
Crafted Knife 1 Scrapmetal.png x1 Wood.png x1 Hilo.png x1 Weapon item.
Crafted Crowbar 1 Wood.png x2 Hilo.png x2 Scrapmetal.png x2 Weapon item used for some quests that require... prying.
Poison Bait * 1 Belladona.png x2 Flyagaric.png x1 [Canned Food] x1 Pharmacy Tools Unique item currently used for a specific quest.
Healing Powder 3 Potmarigold.png x2 Restores a "small amount" of Daphne's health.
Simple Bandage 3 Cloth.png x2 Reduces damage done by snake venom and bleeding effects*.
Healing Compress 1 Comfrey.png x2 framless x1 Pharmacy Tools Restores an amount of health equal to half of Daphne's maximum health.
Lymphatic Compression 1 Cloth.png x2 Lavander.png x1 Curryplant.png x1 Heals venom status (snake bites).
Restorative Tonic 1 Curryplant.png x1 Lavander.png x1 Potmarigold.png x1 Slowly recovers Daphne's health. The effects of this item appear to stack.