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Tasks in Die Young are used to track the player's progress through the game and to guide them towards the current objectives. A message will be displayed on the upper right of the screen every time a task is added, updated or completed.

Tasks are listed under the To-Do List section of the Inventory. The list is divided in three sub-categories: Main Tasks ("!" icon), Optional Tasks ("?" icon) and Completed Task ("✓" icon). To complete the game you only need to follow the main tasks (and not even all of them). To set a task as "current" press the E-key (or X-button on a gamepad); most of the time this will add green markers on your Map to guide you to the next step of your current task.

There are a total of 56 tasks in the game (22 main tasks, 34 optional tasks). Here is a full list:

Main Tasks[edit | edit source]

Optional Tasks[edit | edit source]