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Wolves are located in wood areas, such as The Pinewood and The Mountain Pass. They are identical to stray dogs in all but numbers and appearance. They will also howl randomly and when they detect Daphne. Their attack patterns and movements are identical to the dogs, though it is unknown as to whether their damage is different.

The wolves are referenced in the Poison Bait Recipe document and again in the Poison Baits work report document. The poison baits was developed specifically for the problem of dealing with the wolves and passed on to Brother Number 2 in order to help cull the number of stray dogs that could potentially attack the workers.

Combat[edit | edit source]

The attack patrons of the wolfs are very simple, the dogs will try to evade all of Daphne's attacks and sometimes will charge against you.

Also, if a wolf sees an animal (like goats) will attack him.

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