Twin Houses

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Twin Houses
Category: Optional

Location: Area of Deprivation

Fast travel: No


Canned Food

Worker - Fugitive

Worker - Stalked

Worker - He's watching me

Explore the Twin Houses

Repair the Broken Pump


The Twin Houses are two abandoned houses located west of The Well. They can be easily reached following the path on your left once you got out the well. Although they're not mandatory to finish the game, it's highly recommended to start exploring the Twin Houses before other landmarks on the map.

The Water Pump[edit | edit source]

Between the two houses there's a water pump. Tap the Interaction Button and the pump will fill the tin below with drinking water. You can now drink from it and replenish your Hydration gauge. Unfortunately the water pump breaks after the first use, and a new task (Repair the Broken Pump) will be added to your To-Do List. To fix the pump you need a Wrench, which is conveniently located inside one of the two buildings.

First House - Ground Floor[edit | edit source]

But first, enter the house to the south. Kill the rats (a few hits with a Wooden Stick will suffice) and collect the Canned Food. Go to the next room and pick up the document on the top of the box (Worker - Fugitive). Save your progress at the campfire and proceed to the other house.

Second House - Ground Floor[edit | edit source]

Find your way crouching trough the boxes and jump over the last one. Pick up the document (Worker - Stalked) and proceed upstairs (beware of rats). The doorway is blocked but if you look closely you'll notice a Wrench on the other side: that's the room you want to be in.

First House - Second Floor & Roof[edit | edit source]

Jump down the building and head again to the other house. Go around it until you find an inclined wooden platform. Walk on it and climb the platform above. With a couple of jumps go inside through the window. Avoid or get rid of the rats, then exit on the other side. Climb on the box to your left and then again on the roof. You'll see a wooden ledge on the corner of the other house.

Second House - Second Floor[edit | edit source]

Jump on the ledge and walk on the roof tiles until your find a large gap. Throw yourself in (jump on the box below to avoid any damage) and pick up the Wrench. Proceed to the next room. It's a messy space, with weird drawings on the walls, like wide open eyes and an ominous figure with a synth above the door. Pick up the document (Worker - He's watching me) on the floor and head out jumping through the window. Equip the Wrench and use it to fix the water pump.

Tip: remember to collect raw materials along the way. After exploring the Twin Houses and their surroundings you should be able to craft Healing Powder, Simple Bandage and a Crafted Knife (also a Campfire if you're playing in Adventure Mode).

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