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Die Young is an open-world game. This means that you are free to explore the locations of the island in different order. However, some actions or items are needed to progress in the story, so visiting some locations is mandatory, whereas some other places are optional. On this page, all the locations of the game are listed following an hypothetical route starting from the well in which Daphne awakes in.

The island can be divided in four big areas: Area of Deprivation, Area of Resurgence, Area of Purification, The Other Side.

If you are looking for the most efficient way to progress in the game, visit the Game Progress Route page.

Area of Deprivation[edit | edit source]

The Area of Deprivation is the first big area of the island. It starts from the Well and can be exited through the Bull Door at The Gate. An additional connecting route can be opened from The Olive Grove once Daphne crossed the Bull Door.

The Well.jpg       Twin Houses.jpg       The Watchtower.jpg
The Well
Twin Houses
The Watchtower

Temple Ruins.jpg       The Manor Farm.jpg       The House On The Beach.jpg
Temple Ruins
The Manor Farm
The House on the Beach

The Coastal Tower.jpg       The Pinewood.jpg       The Mountain Pass.jpg
The Coastal Tower
The Pinewood
The Mountain Pass

The Gate.jpg            
The Gate

Area of Resurgence[edit | edit source]

The Area of Resurgence is the second area of the island. It starts from the Bull Door at The Gate and culminates at the top of the High Tower.

The Olive Grove.jpg       The Dry Riverbed.jpg       The Apricot Valley.jpg
The Olive Grove
The Dry Riverbed
The Apricot Valley

Holm Oak Thicket.jpg       The Stone Pillars.jpg       Cliff Ruins.jpg
The Holm Oak Thicket
The Stone Pillars
Cliff Ruins

The High Tower.jpg
The High Tower

Area of Purification[edit | edit source]

The Area of Purification is the third area of the island. It can be visited before reaching the top of the High Tower, but the most important locations (The Pyres Beach, The Biofuel Refinery, The Underground Passage) cannot be fully explored without completing the Area of Resurgence first. This is where one of the three endings can be obtained.

Pyres Beach.jpg       The Canebrake.jpg       Hollow Fields.jpg
Pyres Beach
The Canebrake
Hollow Fields

The Biofuel Refinery.jpg       The Farm House.jpg       The Village Door.jpg
The Biofuel Refinery
The Farm House
The Village

Monumental Tombs.jpg       The Underworld Passage.jpg
Monumental Tombs
The Underworld Passage

The Other Side[edit | edit source]

The Other Side is the forth and last area of the island. It can be accessed for the first time through The Underworld Passage. An additional route can be opened from the northern side of the Monumental Tombs. This is where two of the three endings of the game can be obtained.

The Military Post.jpg       The Radio Tower.jpg       Old Mines.jpg
The Military Post
The Radio Tower
Old Mines

The Temple of Hope.jpg
The Temple of Hope