Brother 2's letter: Change

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Brother 2's letter: Change
Category: Brother Number 2

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Location: The Military Post

Author(s): Brother Number 2

Date: September 12th (2019)


“September 12th

Dear Brother Number 1,

The events that occurred in the last 48 hours have only confirmed my concerns about the future of this Community. This island is not safe anymore. The current government is deaf to our demands; they expect us to deal with their dirty business, but they don’t provide us with the means necessary to defend ourselves. I know these matters annoy you, and that from inside the Village everything feels like you’re heading towards a bright future. But that’s not the case for the rest of the island. The attempt on your life is just the tip of the iceberg.

For years, I’ve supported your every decision. I agreed to establish the Trials, despite my doubts about their usefulness and the danger they represent for the Community’s safety. I accepted the appointment of Brother Number 3, even though I warned you about entrusting him with the management of the foreigners. Yesterday, all my worries became reality.

The woman who tried to kill you had infiltrated our Community by means of the very Trials you assigned him to. Instead of getting rid of her as soon as she put her feet on this island, Brother Number 3 let her roam around freely, while he was playing a game of cat and mouse with her, dressed in one of those ridiculous costumes of his.

That man – I did tell you from the beginning – is out of control. I am worried about the bad influence he’s having on the troops. Some mercenaries we hired for our militia started partaking in his sick games in the south of the island. What’s more, yesterday he tortured and killed a soldier because he believed that he was an accessory to the assassination attempt.

And I don’t need to remind you that Brother Number 3 himself is indeed the result of those Trials.

Things have to change if we want to safeguard our Community. We have to get rid of senseless people like Brother Number 3, and free ourselves from the subjections to the government.

Isolation and independence are not the same thing.

Brother Number 2”

Description[edit | edit source]

This is a personal letter written by Brother Number 2 to Brother Number 1. It's dated September 12th, the same day in which Daphne leaves The Well. The document can be found on the desk of Brother Number 2'office in The Military Post, meaning that it is either a first draft or that the letter has never been delivered to Brother Number 1.

This is one of the most important documents of the game, since it shows the friction between Brother Number 2 and 1 about the island's management and the Community. It also shows his contempt towards Brother Number 3. These are the main reasons that led Brother Number 2 to betray Brother Number 1 and plot against him with the help of Ibrahim (see the post-credits scene).

The events mentioned in the letter are the "Labor Camp incident" caused by Ibrahim's failed escape plan, and Nehir's failed attempt to kill Brother Number 1 (see "Report: Assassination Attempt"). It also describes the erratic behavior of Brother Number 3 and his bad influence on the militia (such as shown in other documents like "Militia Schedule" and "Brother N.3's Idea"). The tortured solider can be found, dead, in the torture room at the Dog Training Camp.