The Military Post

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The Military Post
Category: Main Route

Location: The Other Side

Fast travel: Yes

Body Armor

Leg Protectors

Headquarter Keys

Dog Camp Keys

Food Storage Key

Ancient Idol (2)

Secret Files

Military Post Map

Prisoners List

Antiquities Inventory

Military Supplies Inventory

Medical Report

Fumigation Area Map

Brother 2's letter: Change

Report: Assassination Attempt

Brother 2's letter: Weapons

Militia Schedule

Brother N.3's Idea

Locate Military Post’s landmarks

Explore the Military Warehouse

Explore the Antiquities Warehouse

Explore the Dog Training Camp

Explore the Quarters

Explore the Shooting Range

Explore the Headquarter

Find Ibrahim

Find a Gas Mask

A Ticket to Freedom

Melee militiamen (18)

Crossbow militiamen (21)

Trained Dogs (8)

Junkies (5)

Dogs (1)

Vipers (4)

The Military Post is the one of the biggest areas of Die Young, featuring a lot of enemies and several unique items. This is where the Militia of the island live and train under Brother Number 2's command. The Military Post is divided in six areas: the Quarters, the Military Warehouse, the Antiquities Warehouse, the Dog Training Camp, the Shooting Range and the Headquarter. All the areas besides the Headquarter are optional, even though their exploration is rewarded with special items and interesting documents.

The first time you come across the Military Post, your main goal is to reach The Radio Tower to the north. In this case you may skip exploration entirely and just pass through the area to get to the other end.

Later in the game, Daphne will be asked to find a man called Ibrahim who's held captive in an isolation cell under the Headquarter.

Going to the Radio Tower[edit | edit source]

As Daphne get out from The Underworld Passage, her walkie-talkie picks up a call from André trying to reach for help. The walkie-talkie has been tempered with, and Daphne can't reply to her friend. She needs to find a working radio, and the Radio Tower to the north seems promising enough to take a shot. In order to get there, though, she needs to cross the Military Post.

There are two access point to the area: a yellow gate on the southern side and another one on the western side. The yellow gates can be opened pressing a button usually located in the nearest guard booth. Both ways have pros and cons, but for the sake of this walkthrough only the southern route will be described.

Go down the slope in front of the water source located near the exit of The Underworld Passage. Walk on your right and keep going down. You'll see two red banners on both sides of a tunnel. Go inside and open the wooden gate at the end of it. This is the secret access through the Monumental Tombs that the militia use to go in and out the northern area of the island. Now go back towards the Military Post. There's a Crossbow militiaman in a guard booth. Get rid of him and press the red button inside the both to open the gate. Be aware that this will trigger an alarm that may cause some other guards to check the place. Hide behind the booth or among the tall plants and wait for the best time to sneak in before the gate closes again.

Once you're in, walk left. Use a Crowbar to break the padlock of the blue fence door (just in case you want to go back) and examine the map board on your right. The "Military Post Map" will be saved as a new document in your inventory, and a new task ("Locate Military Post’s landmarks") will be added to your to-do list. On the left side of the map, you'll notice a path that goes all up to the Radio Tower. Keep going on the western side of the post, walking between the outer fence and the Jersey barrier of the truck parking lot. Go straight and eventually you'll reach the area where the other access to the Military Post is. Keep a low profile and watch out for the Crossbow militiaman on the watchtower to the right. In front of you, there's a truck with metal platforms. You can use them to jump on the roof of the green storage room. From there, you can jump again and enter the Military Storage area.

There are few guards patrolling the area. Take them down or wait until the path on your left is clear. Go ahead keeping the rocky wall on your left, and use the wooden planks to climb up the containers near the yellow mobile crane. Jump on the rock on the left, and proceed north from there, up the slope. A guarded yellow gate is blocking the way to the Radio Tower. Crouch and, again, keep going left. Use covers to reach a rocky slope to the north (between the stone bridge and the watchtower) and climb up. From this vantage point you can kill the Crossbow militiaman on the watchtower and get rid from the other enemies. Jump down and press the gate button inside the guard booth.

Walk up the slope and you'll find another guarded container area. On the left side there's a forklift which can be used to lift up a red container. This will allow you to climb your way to the rocks above, but be aware that it will also alert the enemies nearby. If you want to be stealthy, pass through the right side of the area. Use covers to avoid the enemies' sight and jump over the Jersey barrier on the right side of the Crossbow militiaman and Trained Dog guarding the way to the Radio Tower. Run all the way up, and when the path makes a U-turn, look on your left. There are a few rocks you can use to reach an elevated area with a shelter.

Go back to the main path and finally head for The Radio Tower.

The Quarters[edit | edit source]

The Quarters are located in the southern area of the Military Post. They host a mess hall, two dormitories, lavatories, an infirmary and a food storage. In one of the dormitories you can find a document called "Militia Schedule", which gives you a description of some of the events happened to Daphne's friends from the point of view of Brother Number 3. In the mess hall (the brownish prefabricated facility in front of the dormitory), head for the kitchen and grab the Food Storage Key. The key open the food storage located to the south (the green building with the red doors), in which you can find an unlimited reserve of Canned Food and Beer Bottles. Next to the storage, there's the infirmary (the white and red facility with a cross on the front). Here, you can pick up a pack of Adrenaline Shots, Painkillers, Benzodiazepines and a Medkit. There's also a document ("Medical Report") which refers to the injuries caused by the incidents at The Harbor.

The Military Warehouse[edit | edit source]

The Military Warehouse (also called "Military Storage" on the Military Post Map) is located in the western area of the Military Post. Above ground there's a container area while the actual warehouse is underground, reachable through an elevator on the east side. The surface is patrolled by a Melee and a Crossbow militiaman. There's a red container with a white cross in which you can find Painkillers and Adrenaline Shots. On the south-western corner of the area, there's a green building with a document inside ("Military Supplies Inventory") that suggests that several military supplies are stored in the underground facility (the Body Armor being one of them). Push the red button to call the elevator and head down.

The underground storage facility has two basement floors. It's heavily guarded: one Melee militiamen and a Crossbow militiaman on the first floor; two Melee militiamen on second basement floor. Crouch down before reaching the bottom with the elevator to avoid to be spotted by one of the soldiers and hide behind the barrels on your left. Now, use covers to get to the staircase behind the Melee militiaman e head down.

There's a another guard patrolling the corridor, so stay low and wait the right moment to get in the small office with the green door in front of you. Pick up the document on the desk ("Brother 2's letter: Weapons") and hide behind the door until the guard is on the corridor on your right; then go left. You'll find a locker room with some items but, most importantly, you'll see the armory behind a glass window, with a Body Armor inside lying on a table. There's a door on the other side of the room (which is guarded) and two air ducts with yellow grilles (one of them is dismounted already). If you follow the duct with the grille still up, in the other side of the basement floor, you'll see that it's going upstairs. So, take the stairs up again, turn right behind the Melee militiaman and wait again near the elevator. Now, study the guard's movement on the second floor and, when the time is right, distract the other soldier with a stone a head to the corner where the second forklift is. There you'll notice another air duct. Crawl inside and eventually you'll reach the Armory room. Break the grille and jump down. Pick up the Body Armor and other items you may need, then DO NOT open the red door (it's alarmed and it will drawn enemies on your position) but climb inside the other duct instead. This will take you to the corridor next to the armory. Break the grille and kill the guard with an arrow, or distract him with a rock. Then head upstairs and use the elevator to reach the surface.

The Antiquities Warehouse[edit | edit source]

The Antiquities Warehouse is located in the north-western area of the Military Post. All the accesses to the building are locked from the inside, with the exception of the main gate, which is guarded by a Melee militiaman walking in and out the warehouse. There's another soldier, a Crossbow militiaman, patrolling the inside of the facility. Avoid the first guard hiding behind the blue containers and use Perception to locate the other soldier position. When the time is right, sneak inside crouching and go left, using the shelves as covers. Go through the doorway on your left and unlock the emergency door. Head back to the main hall of the warehouse and, keeping an eye on the guards, enter the small room in the corner on your left. Here's a document ("Antiquities Inventory") that gives you information about the shelf where an Ancient Idol is stored (Raw B, Column 1). Get out the room and open the green door on your right. On the ground floor there are two rooms, one your left and one your right, with some materials. Give them a fast check in case you need any, then use the staircase to go to the upper floor. DO NOT open the red emergency door (it's alarmed) but go left. Now, if you go straight on the catwalk in front of you, you can look for the Ancient Idol location on the shelves. You can't reach it from there, so head back and use the other catwalk. Open the green door to a mechanical room and the hatch above the ladder (another shortcut to enter the warehouse in the future).

Tip: there's also an open air duct on the roof that you can use to enter the building stealthily the first time. To reach it, walk on the slope west of the warehouse (watch out for the enemies guarding the yellow gate) and jump from the cliff to the roof. Ignore the hatch (it can only be opened from the inside) and climb further up on your right. Get inside the air duct and you'll find yourself on the second floor of the warehouse.

To reach the Ancient Idol you need to climb the shelves. At one point you'll also need to use the red container in the middle of the warehouse to climb up higher, so get there first and push the button on the forklift (the noise will draw the enemies nearby, so either kill the guards beforehand or try an "hit and run" strategy to activate the lift and run away). Now that the red container has been lifted up, go back to the catwalk on the second floor. At the very end of the walkway, there's a platform you can use to get on the shelf on the right. Climb on the "D raw" shelf and walk until you reach the 3rd column, then jump left, where the yellow cloth is, crouch and walk above the red container. Jump to the shelf in front of you, and again on the next one. Turn left, and you'll see the Ancient Idol in a yellow box; use the platform to get closer and grab it. Head down and exit the warehouse.

The Dog Training Camp[edit | edit source]

The Dog Training Camp is located in the northern area of the Military Post. There's no guard patrolling the building, so you can walk around it freely. The get inside, go on the backside of the facility and break the padlock of the blue gate using a Crowbar. Jump on the cage on you right and climb inside the open air duct. Crawl all the way down until you reach a yellow grille. Break it and jump down. Enter the room in the corner on your left and pick up the document on the desk ("Brother N.3's Idea"). Leave the room and open the door in front of you (you may also check the other door on the left for materials). Collect the Medkit on the left wall, ignore the locked door for now, and grab the Leg Protectors. Take a look in the room next the table for some Canned Food and Empty Bottles, then go back to the room with the cages. Now, be careful: by opening the green door, you'll find yourself in the dog training field; there are four Trained Dogs roaming the area, so equip the Leg Protectors you got earlier, and be ready to fight. Head for the small hut in one corner and pick up the Dog Camp Keys on the desk. You can now either exit the field by breaking the padlock of the fence gate or go back inside and you use the key to open the red doors inside. There's one door you may want to check: it's the red one with the "Do Not Disturb ♥" sign on it. Open it to find Brother Number 3's torture room.

Trivia: in the document "Brother 2's letter: Change" (located in Brother Number 2's office) it's mentioned that Brother Number 3 had tortured and killed one soldier suspected to be an accessory to the assassination attempt; he's probably the same man Brother Number 3 is referring to at the end of the Prologue, when he tells Nehir that he got her friend and that he's "gonna have some fun with him, too".
The Shooting Range[edit | edit source]

The Shooting Range is located in the north-eastern area of the Military Post. There are three Crossbow militiamen practicing in the field. The fence door is already open so you can easily access the shooting range from there. The soldiers change their position once in a while; with the right timing, you should be able to sneak inside the room on the left unnoticed. Here you can restock your quiver with arrows. There are some items (like Benzodiazepine) on the tables near the soldiers too. Again, if you are fast and extra careful you should be able to grab them without being spotted.

The Headquarter[edit | edit source]

The Headquarter is located at the center of the Military Post. On the ground level there's the main headquarter (a two-story concrete building) and four other satellite facilities (a storage room, two small dormitories and a guard station). The prison is located underneath the surface.

Although it is possible to explore the area from the first time you reach the Military Post, you can't actually advance in the story until you find the Gas Mask (that is, until you find André's hideout in the Old Mines). By that time, you had also probably got in touch with the Mystery Man too, at the Radio Tower, who has told Daphne to find a man called Ibrahim in the Military Post's prison.

To get inside the Headquarter, go to the northern side of the perimeter. Here's the main entrance (a yellow gate) and a side entrance on the left (the blue fence door). Both are guarded by a total of three Melee militiamen, a Trained Dog, and a Crossbow militiaman on the watchtower. Here you can either brute-force your way in, fighting the enemies and letting the alarm to set off (this will make the gate open), or play it stealthily. If you choose the second strategy, approach from the area to the left of the slope leading to the main entrance (north-eastern corner of the Headquarter). Climb on the rocks and crouch among the tall grass to hide from the enemies on your right. Go left, near the green metal crates, and wait for the soldiers in the guard booth and on the watchtower to look away from your position. Then, climb up the crates and over the railing, and hide behind the barrels on your left. The blue door is locked with a padlock, so equip your Crowbar and use a rock to distract the soldier guarding the blue door; if you're quick enough, you should be able to break in unnoticed.

Once you're in, crouch and open the door of the room on your right; here you'll find some materials, in case you need them. Leave the storage room, but watch out for the Crossbow militiamen who are patrolling the eastern and the western side of the area. When the way is clear, go to the second floor of the building to the east using the yellow staircase. On the desk near the windows there's a document ("Fumigation Area Map") that gives notice on some fumigation operation underway in the sewers of the Headquarter. The diagram shows a map of the area, including the underground prison.

Now that you know where the prison is, get back from the same door you used earlier and reach the stairs next to the main concrete building. Go down the stairs quietly and take a moment to study your surroundings using Perception. You should be able to detect five Junkies and three Melee militiaman. Wait for the walking soldier to move away and distract with a rock the one who's guarding the doorway. Sneak inside the room, stay low and pick up the document on the desk ("Prisoners List"): it's a list of names, among which there's a "Ibrahim" who's been confined in an isolation cell. Looking back to the Fumigation Map, you'll see that there are two separated cells in a room next to the others. Unfortunately, the door for those cell is closed and can't be opened, so you need another way in. In the same map, you may notice that there's a manhole right where the isolation cells are, so your next objective is to find an access to the sewers. To create a diversion to leave the prison, push the red button beside the doorway. This will open the cells and trigger a fight between soldiers and prisoners. That's your chance to go back upstairs unnoticed (sometimes one of the guards above will go down as well, so check if this is the case and, if it is, hide behind the stairs to let him join the fight without spotting you).

Go to the southern side of the main building (you'll need to go all around it) and you'll see two barrier with a DANGER sign on it. Right behind them, there's a hole filled with smoke. Put your Gas Mask on and climb down the manhole. Go further down and walk through the tunnel. Head for the green door on your left (the other one on the right leads to a room with some materials). Open it and you'll find yourself in a room with another door in front of you. The door is locked, so take the tunnel. Here it gets darker, but don't worry: there are no threats. Go down the slope and look for an opening on the wall on your left. Crouch and crawl inside the tube until you reach another room. Use the ladder and then climb your way out of the sewers. You're now in the mechanical room next to the isolation cells. Go right through the doorway and you'll hear someone calling for you from one of the cells. Get closer to the metal door and speak with the prisoner. Ask him if he's Ibrahim (he is) and hear his story. Apparently, he was planning to escape the labor camp few days earlier, secretly drugging the other prisoners to create a diversion for his runaway. However, the plan failed when the same drugged prisoners (the Junkies) attacked him. Keep talking with him until he makes Daphne an offer: if she steals the content of a safe in Brother Number 2's office, he'll tell her how to leave the island with the help of his "friends" (the people you got in contact with at The Radio Tower). This will add a new task on your to-do list ("A Ticket to Freedom").

Go back to the manhole in the mechanical room, climb down, unlock the green door and find your way back to exit of the sewers. Brother Number 2's office is at the second floor of the concrete building. To get there, go on the roof of the building on the south-eastern corner of the area. There's a Crossbow militiaman patrolling that side, so wait for him to be away and use the scaffolding on the railing as a jumping platform to the balcony on the second floor of the main building. The red door is closed, so use the yellow ladder to climb to the roof. Here you'll find a hatch. Open it and jump down. Now that you are inside the office, pick up the Headquarter Keys and the document on the desk ("Brother 2's letter: Change"). Then, interact with the ancient painting hanging on the wall between the bookcases. It will reveal a safe. Press the interaction button to open it and grab the Secret Files inside. Go to the other room and collect the Ancient Idol next to the bed.

Trivia: both the paintings in the office and in the bedroom foreshadow Brother Number 2's betrayal. The ancient painting that hides the safe in the office depicts Heracles defeating the Cretan Bull (which might be the original inspiration for the Community insignia), while the large painting hanging over the bed portraits a scene from Seneca's Thyestes. According to the myth, Thyestes was betrayed by his vengeful brother Atreus, who secretly killed the brother's children and served them as food to Thyestes at a banquet.

Use the keys and open the door that leads downstairs. Pick up the document on the first desk on your right ("Report: Assassination Attempt"): it's a detailed report of the recent events on the island that gives you several interesting backstories. Go back upstairs and leave the room from the hatch on the roof or through the other red door of the bedroom. Jump down the building and enter the sewers again to reach Ibrahim's cell. Talk to him and tell him that you got the Secret Files from the safe. He will be ecstatic about it: apparently, those documents in the right hands could be used to incriminate Brother Number 1 and the Turkish government. All Daphne has to do is leave the island with them.

Ibrahim tells Daphne a password to use with his friends at The Radio Tower: "GOLDSTEIN". Leave the isolation cells and head for The Radio Tower for the last time.

Trivia: the password is a reference to Emmanuel Goldstein, a fictional character in Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. In the book, Goldstein is considered the first enemy of Big Brother's state (it's no coincidence that, in one of his lines, Ibrahim refers to Brother Number 1 as "Big Brother"). The password can be partially read on the post-it found near the body of Yusuf ("Sticky Note").

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