Bull-Shaped Key

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Bull-Shaped Key
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Found: The House on the Beach - Basement
Opens: Bull Door (The Gate)

A key shaped in a curious way.” — Daphne (Die Young)

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Bull-Shaped Key is one of the most important keys in Die Young. It opens the Bull Door at The Gate, which is the only way to leave the Area of Deprivation and proceed to the Area of Resurgence, marking the end of the first Trial.

Location[edit | edit source]

The Bull-Shaped Key is located inside the cage in The House on the Beach basement. However, retrieving the key it's not an easy task. The voracious dog n.8 is inside the same cage too, and Daphne refuses to pick up the key fearing that he would bite her arm off. In order to grab the key, Daphne needs to knock out the dog by means of a Poison Bait.

The key is referenced in two documents found on the island. In "Work Report: Cleaning", Brother Number 2 writes that the Fugitive grabbed a "set of keys" before escaping the massacre at The Gate, suggesting the Bull-Shaped Key could be among them. In the document "Brother N.3's Idea", it's revealed that it was Brother Number 3 himself who put the key in the cage with the dog, as part of his twisted games with the Foreigners.