The Canebrake

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The Canebrake.jpg
The Canebrake
Category: Optional

Location: Area of Purification

Fast travel: Yes

Military T-Shirt

Ancient Idol

Annotated Map

Military Dog tag (Woman)

Bee Drawing

The Beekeeper

Junkies (11)

Vipers (8)

The Canebrake connects Hollow Fields to Pyres Beach. It's a swampy area covered in tall reeds. Roughly at the center, it hosts several beehives, a water pump and a small shed (in which you can find the Bee Drawing), all guarded by The Beekeeper. The Beekeeper won't attack you unless you harm him first or put the beehives in danger by throwing a Molotov (even if you get away, he'll remember you and he'll attack you on sight the next time).

As hinted by the Owl Drawing found inside The Farm House, The Beekeeper holds an Ancient Idol, which can be obtained only by killing him.

Few steps to the north of the small shed, there's a narrow passage under the roots that leads to a pond. Walking around it you can find a shelter (on the left), a natural water source and a female dead body floating on the surface (on the right). The military dog tag around her neck suggests that she's Elizabeth from the Climbers group. Close to the body, there's a cave with a Military T-Shirt and an Annotated Map.

The Canebrake can also be reached from the Old Mines, passing through the natural tunnel that connects the southern area of the Old Mines to the cave facing the pond.

Eleven Junkies (5 aggressive, 6 neutral) roam among the reeds. On the southern side there's a natural water source. The whole area is rich in Comfreys, which is a pretty rare crafting herb in the rest of the game.

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