The Well

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The Well
Category: Main Route

Location: Area of Deprivation

Fast travel: No

Hand Drawn Map
Escape the Island

Hand Drawn Map

Follow the Red Marks

Locate the Landmarks

Find my Friends


The Well is the very first location of Die Young. This is where the game starts after the introduction scene.

The top of the well is opened and someone threw in a Hand Drawn Map and a Compass.

Pick up both and open the DOCS section of your Inventory to examine the map. This will trigger two new tasks: Follow the Red Marks and Locate the Landmarks.

Press the Jump Button in front of the rocks; you're now in Climbing mode. Use directionals to climb horizontally or vertically. If Daphne can't climb further, look around you for handholds (the pointer will change its shape) and press the Jump Button when you find one. Climb all the way up and exit the well.

At this point Daphne will call for her friends, and a new task (Find my Friends) will be added.

Pick up the Wooden Stick and save the game using the Campfire in front of you.

You can now start exploring freely, although your main concern should be find a water source and then proceed towards The High Tower (which is already visible from your position in the far distance) as shown on the map you picked up earlier.

Go left and follow the path, which will lead you to the Twin Houses.

Video walkthrough: