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Medikit Item.png
Units per slot: 1
▪ Health: +100
▪ Cured status: Poison

A first aid kit complete with everything.” — Daphne (Die Young)

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

A Medkit fully restores health and neutralizes venom.

The crafted equivalent is the Panacea.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Medkits are a pretty rare item on the island.

In the first part of the game (Area of Deprivation) it can only be found near the two Melee militiamen resting north of The Well in which Daphne awakes, and inside the Lumberjacks' Shed at The Pinewood.

In the second part (Area of Resurgence) there are four: one in the small wooden shed in the northern area of The Olive Grove, and three at The Stone Pillars (inside The Executioner's Den, in the elevator station, and in Cujo's arena).

In the third part (Area of Purification), a Medkit can be found in The Biofuel Refinery (on the second floor, inside the laboratory).

Finally, in the last area of the game (The Other Side), you can find three Medkits in The Military Post (inside the Dog Training Camp, the Infirmary and in the bathroom of Brother Number 2's headquarter). A Medkit is also present on the truck that is parked near The Temple of Hope, during the last showdown.