The Biofuel Refinery

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The Biofuel Refinery
Category: Main Route

Location: Area of Purification

Fast travel: No

Fuel Can


Mechanical Room Key

Last warning

UV/IR Flame Detector

Explore the Biofuel Refinery
Melee Militiamen (2)

Crossbow Militiamen (2)

Trained Dogs (2)

The Biofuel Refinery is a facility for the production of bio-diesel made from canola, which is widely cultivated in the Hollow Fields area. The whole structure mainly consists of two fuel tanks and a large warehouse. The main building hosts the actual refinery where the fuel is processed, an office (ground floor) and a laboratory (second floor).

The area is patrolled by two crossbow militiamen and two trained dogs circling the facility in couples. Two melee militiamen guard the the entries on both sides of the main building.

The key item of this location is the Fuel Can, which is inside the refinery. You'll need it to fuel a diesel generator later in the game, at The Radio Tower. To access the refinery, though, you'll need to set off the fire alarm, which requires a Lighter. This means that there's little you can do in this location before getting The Last Trial task.

Fuel Tanks[edit | edit source]

All the entrances are locked. The only way to access the facility the first time is from the roof. Get as close as possible to the stairs of the fuel tanks. Crouch among the canola plants to stay hidden, wait for the right moment to sneak up the stairs and reach the top of the tanks. Take a run-up and jump on the roof of the main building.

Mechanical Room[edit | edit source]

The roof is covered in empty bottles of beer and cigarettes, suggesting that someone used to sit there drinking and smoking. Take all the empty bottles and piece of clothes you find to craft Molotovs. An open hatch let you go down a ladder and reach the mechanical room. Ignore the closed wire mesh door for now and look through the big window. You'll see a suspended catwalk running under the warehouse ceiling. On your right you'll see that an air duct goes from the room you are in to the other side. Keep that in mind, grab the Crowbar near the duct and go downstairs.

Laboratory[edit | edit source]

You'll find yourself in front of a locked red door with a sign on it. If you try to interact with it, Daphne will notice that the door seems to be wired to a fire alarm device. Open the green door on your right to enter the laboratory. There are few materials and item to pick up. The desk on the right wall seems as messy as the roof, suggesting that the same person is behind both of them. A document (Last warning) on the table reveals that that person is Dr. Aydin, a biofuel expert hired by Brother Number 2 to run the fuel production. Grab the Medkit on the farthest wall and open the emergency door (from now on you can use this door to go in and out the building). Go back in and walk down the stairs to reach the ground floor.

Office[edit | edit source]

Go to the room on the other side of the ground floor. Pick up and read the document on the desk (UV/IR Flame Detector); it's a manual for a fire detection system that suggests that the locked doors of the main refinery can be opened from the outside in case of emergency. Now look through the window on your left for a clear view of the inside of the refinery. On the front you can see a Fuel Can (that's what you want to get). If you look closely you'll also notice the red flame detector on the upper-left corner of the facility, near the suspended catwalk. You have to find a way to get there using the air duct you saw before in the mechanical room. Look on the opposite wall: there's a big yellow grille. Climb on the file cabinet and use the Crowbar to break the grille. Go inside the duct and climb right. Use the yellow ladder to go all the way up and you'll find yourself on the other side of the wire mesh door you saw earlier. Grab the Mechanical Room Key to open it. Now look behind you: the upper side of the duct is open. Jump on the pipes and get inside. Follow the duct until you find another grille on your left. Tap the Interaction Button to break it. You're now on the suspended catwalk inside the main refinery.

Tip: if you keep going straight in the air duct, eventually you'll find another breakable grille; you can use this new opening to get outside the facility or to silently kill the enemies with a Crossbow.
Refinery[edit | edit source]

Jump over the pipes and go right, follow the catwalk and turn left to reach the flame detector. If you have the Lighter in your inventory, the interaction icon will be white, meaning that you can interact with the flame detector. Doing so will set off the fire alarm of the refinery, unlocking all the emergency doors.

Tip: Molotovs and Torches will set off the fire alarm too.

Go back from where you came, use the air duct again and pass through the Mechanical Room door you opened earlier with the key. Go down the stairs and open the red door with the sign on it (which is now unlocked). Go down and pick up the Fuel Can you saw earlier. Right beside it, there's a Fuel Source, that let you fully refill the canister (10 units of Fuel).

Now it's time to get out. There are several ways to do that (like opening the other red emergency door or the green shutter) but keep in mind that the enemies outside the facility are alerted now, gathering on that very side of the building. So, go back where the office is and use the exit door, which is now unguarded.

Tip: if you feel like it, you may also want to go back to the roof and use Molotovs to kill the enemies gathered outside the facility.

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