Monumental Tombs

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Monumental Tombs
Category: Main Route

Location: Area of Purification

Fast travel: Yes

Ancient Idol
Notice - Northern Area

Work Report: Tombs

Explore the Monumental Tombs

The Other Side

Melee Militiamen (2)

Crossbow Militiamen (1)



The Monumental Tombs are rock-cut tombs carved by the ancient inhabitants of the island. To reach them, you have to pass through a narrow gully located north of the Hollow Fields. The whole complex includes a main mausoleum and some other satellite tombs all around it. The main structure has the community red insignia on the facade; another banner hangs on the end wall inside, where several scaffolding are placed to sustain the internal hall.

The structure is actually a cover-up for the tunnel which gives access to the northern area of the island. The tunnel is hidden behind wooden boards, and can be opened only from the other side.

Monumental Tombs - Outside[edit | edit source]

Follow the path through the gully and pick up Wooden Sticks along the way (you'll need them later to craft Torches). At the end of it, you'll reach an open area in front of the rock-cut tombs. There are a few things you can do before heading into the main structure. Go left and stay low to avoid the two militiamen guarding the entrance. Walk up the rocky slope and you'll reach two smaller tombs, in which you'll find some materials and a long ladder that leads to a hatch. The hatch is locked for now, but it will eventually became a shortcut later in the level. Go back outside.and look for some climbing handholds on the far right. Climbing those up will take you to the upper structure, where there's a fountain you can use as a water source. Now, jump down and head to the main structure, keeping a low profile.

There are mainly three ways to deal with the two guards: stealthily killing them with a crossbow, engage in a 2 vs 1 melee combat or carefully distract them with a rock. Molotovs will do too, of course.

Monumental Tombs - Main Hall[edit | edit source]

Whatever strategy you used to go past the enemies on the front, you're now inside the main hall. The hall is guarded by a crossbow militiaman so, again, keep low and use covers if you want to avoid him. On the left wall there's a locked entrance to what it looks like an underground passage. You can go there for now, so just skip it. On the wall in front of you, the one with the red insignia, there's no apparent way through. On a small green box, though, there's a document ("Notice - Northern Area") that hints to a secondary tunnel leading to the other side. The entrance of this tunnel appears to be in one of the surrounding tombs we saw on the outside.

Now, head to the remaining wall (the one on your right coming from the hallway). You'll see an opening to a side room. Go in there and climb up the ladder. Proceed through the hole in the rock and then go right and follow the perimeter of the hall. Eventually you'll find yourself on a metal platform facing the main entrance. There's a passage running over the hallway. That's where you want to get. Jump on the scaffolding in front of you, climb on the broken column and then jump on the platform on your left, the one with the yellow tarp. Walk on the ledge on your left and climb up the ladder. Go straight but stop before jumping on the cloister with the arcades below. There's a wooden box hanging from a rope; cut the rope with a knife and the box will fall down, giving you the chance to easily climb up again in case you miss one of the next jumps.

Now that you created a shortcut, jump down through the arcade. Go right and walk the cloister until you reach the metal platforms. Jump on the scaffolding in front of you, and then to the next one. Follow the suspended catwalk and eventually you'll be out the hall again, this time on the upper level of the facade. Now you can use two routes: one on the right, short and easy; and one on the left, long and slightly dangerous but it leads to a secret room with an Ancient Idol in it.

Monumental Tombs - Easy Route (right)[edit | edit source]

Go on your right and climb the rock behind the column. Ignore the first opening on the right and enter in the second one (the tomb). Pick up the document ("Work Report: Tombs") and the piece of cloth, then unlock the hatch to create a shortcut. Climb up the ladder near the hatch and walk the tunnel until you reach a shelter. Turn left, walk on the wooden planks and get inside the tomb. Kill or avoid the rats and go straight. You're about to enter The Underworld Passage.

Monumental Tombs - Optional Route (left)[edit | edit source]

This is an optional route which starts on the left side of the facade, coming from the inside of the main hall (on the second floor). So, climb on the rock behind the column on your left. On the first tomb on your left you'll find a piece of cloth and a couple of rats. Proceed straight and jump down where a second tomb is. Get in and follow the tunnel and you'll find yourself out again on the upper tomb. Go left and and get a good running start for the next jump. Hopefully, you'll land on the rock in front of you. Go towards the water source, turn right and walk on the rocky ledge. Jump down and start climbing using the handholds on your right. Move left and find your way to reach the upper tomb. Get in it, turn left and go down the spiral staircase until you see a path with columns on your right (you may want to reach the lowest level and push down a crate, in case you need to climb up again). Walk that path and turn right to find a campfire (saving is recommended here). Then proceed further. Now, this is a tricky climbing section: jump on the column in front of you and look right; move your pointer on the upper-right corner of wooden ledge until it changes its shape, then press Jump. Now, move left along the ledge and look behind you, towards the column with white marks. Jump on it, and then again jump behind you where a second ledge is, right on the top of the main entrance. Move left, jump on the next column and, finally, jump on a third and last wooden ledge. Pull yourself up, walk the tunnel and eventually you'll reach a hidden room. Get rid of the rats and collect the Ancient Idol on the pedestal. Then climb on it and jump to the upper-right opening. From this point forward, the path is the same as the "easy route".

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