The Underworld Passage

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The Underworld Passage
Category: Main Route

Location: Area of Purification

Fast travel: Yes

Ancient Idol
Find a Light Source

The Other Side (continued)

Reach the Radio Tower



The Underworld Passage is a maze-like network of ancient tunnels carved into the rock. It can be accessed from the Monumental Tombs. Once used to bury and honor the dead, this place is now raided by the community for antiquities smuggling. Aside from a few spots, the tunnels are completely in the dark, which makes a light source indispensable to cross it.

Part I[edit | edit source]

Once you first enter the area, a tutorial will show up in case you don't have a Lighter in your inventory and a new task ("Find a Light Source") will be added to your to-do list. The game doesn't stop you to try to cross it anyway, but it would be a useless effort since the Lighter will be necessary later, too. You can get the Lighter at Pyres Beach (remember: you need the task "The Last Trial" first).

Even though the Lighter alone is enough to provide light, the best way to explore The Underworld Passage is with a Torch (at this point of the game you should have enough materials to craft one). Torch in hand, go down the spiral staircase and you'll find yourself in the first room. Light up the brazier on the opposite wall and proceed to the stairs on the right. The corridor makes a right turn and it leads you to another room. Pick up the Torch on your right and head to the iron gate. This gate divides The Underworld Passage from the Main Hall of the Monumental Tombs. If you have a Crowbar, you can now break the padlock and open it for later use.

On your left there's another corridor. Walk in and ignore the tunnel on your left (it's a dead end). Go straight and up the the stairs to enter the third room. Light up the brazier in the middle and proceed left. In front of you there's a gap on the floor, so watch your steps and turn right. There are to ways now: one route takes you to a secret chamber with an Ancient Idol, the other leads to the exit. If you wish to go for the first route, be sure to have spare torches and materials with you.

Part II - Secret Route (Ancient Idol)[edit | edit source]

Go down the staircase and you'll find yourself in front of an owl fresco. If go left you'll be able to see the secret chamber, and the Ancient Idol in it, through a crack in the wall. If you go right, you'll eventually end up in a brighter area with a waterfall. Use Daphne's climbing skills to get near the water, then jump through it. Ignore the tunnel on your left for now and walk down the stairs, where a decomposed corpse of a Junkie lies on the floor, probably fallen from a gap in the ceiling during past retrieving activities. There are three ways now: on your left there's a room with two braziers (it's a dead end but you can see a pathway on the second floor); in front of you the stairs are missing and you can't jump the gap from your position; on your left there's another dead-end corridor that gives you another glimpse of the secret chamber we're trying to reach.

Now go back to the tunnel you saw earlier, just after the jump through the waterfall, and crawl in. You'll end up on the second floor of the room with the two brazier. Follow the pathway on your left, go down the stairs and walk the corridor on the right. Light up the brazier in front of you. On your right, on the other side of the gap, you can recognize the corpse you saw earlier. Turn left. The tunnel has a U-turn which brings you on the brink of another chasm. Jump forwards, turn right and you'll finally reach the secret chamber.

Pick up the Ancient Idol, then climb your way to the second floor, right behind you. Walk straight and jump down. You're now at the beginning of this route, where the owl fresco is. Go up the staircase on your right to proceed towards the exit.

Part II - The Exit[edit | edit source]

Either you just came back from the secret route or you reached this room for the first time, take the way that goes up. The room is lightened up from sunlight coming from above. Find the stairs and keep going up. A short corridor turning left will lead you in a room with a Torch on the opposite wall. The path on your right will eventually lead you in the room with the iron gate you opened earlier. The left path is the one you want to take to reach the surface. So go left, walk the long corridor, climb the staircase and you will be finally seeing the sun again.

As you cross the exit, Daphne's walkie-talkie will pick up a call from André trying to reach for help. The walkie-talkie has been tempered with, and Daphne can't reply to her friend. She needs to find a working radio, and the Radio Tower to the north seems promising enough to take a shot (the task "Reach the Radio Tower" will be added to the list). In order to get there, however, you first need to cross The Military Post.

Before going down the slope, go left: there are a water source and a shelter. Remember to push down the dead tree to create a shortcut to the Old Mines, then proceed to The Military Post.

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