The House on the Beach

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The House On The Beach
Category: Main Route

Location: Area of Deprivation

Fast travel: Yes

Bull-Shaped Key

Kennel Key

Ancient Idol


Worker - I am alive

Old unsent letter

Dog Breeding Report

Child's Drawing

Locate the Landmarks

Explore The House on the Beach

Open the "Bull Door" (continuation)

Melee militiamen (4)


The House on the Beach is a ruined three-stories house located east of The Well. The house was inhabited by a family with children until 1989, when they all moved to The Village by order of Brother Number 1. The basement of the house is now used as a kennel by the militia under Brother Number 3's supervision. This is one of the key locations of the game, since the Bull-Shaped Key - the key that opens the Bull Door at The Gate - can be found inside the main cage of the kennel.

Ground Floor[edit | edit source]

To get inside the house, the first time you'll need to jump on the balcony on the southern side of the building. The are four Melee militiamen patrolling the beach, but the southern path that lead to the house is unguarded. So, jump on the rocks and use them to jump on the balcony on the second floor. Climb over the wooden boards blocking the doorway and you are in. Go in the room on the left, jump on the table and climb the wardrobe. Use the platforms of the crumbled upper level to go around the room, and jump in the doorway in front of you. Go down the stairs on your right. The main door of the house is closed (the key is in the Basement), so turn back towards the open drawers. Grab the document ("Old unsent letter") and go right. There's a table with a Crowbar and a document ("Worker - I am alive") on it. Apparently, someone was brutally attacked in the room. Follow the blood tracks to a wooden door. This is the entrance for the basement.

Basement (Bull-Shaped Key)[edit | edit source]

Go down the stairs an you'll find yourself in a creepy dark U-shaped corridor. Walk in until another set of stairs lead you to a larger room with a disemboweled corpse hanging upside down behind a chain-link fence. Inside the cage there's a dog barking. Go right in the side-room and pick up the Kennel Key on the desk. There's also a Dog Breeding Report, which explains how suitable dogs are selected for training in the militia.

Walk the corridor between the two rows of cages and reach the main cage door. The Bull-Shaped Key is visible on the ground, but the aggressive dog on the other side of the fence prevents Daphne from grabbing it. A "dog bowl" icon suggests that you can feed the dog. You can try to feed him using Canned Food (there's a crate full of Canned Food in the other room), Meat or even Dead Rats, but the dog will just devour them without getting any friendlier. Eventually, Daphne suggests that she should try with something more "spicy". So, craft a Poison Bait (the recipe is in the shed at The Pinewood), equip it, and feed the dog with that in you hand. The dog will start to feel sick and you can now safely pick up the Bull-Shaped Key.

Trivia: a later document in the game ("Brother N.3's Idea") reveals that it was Brother Number 3 himself to stage the sickening scene in the basement, as one of his many twisted games with the Foreigners. According to that document, the dog in the big cage is the Dog n.08, which is described as "extremely voracious" in the Dog Breeding Report (the report also lists Cujo as the "Alpha male")

Now you can go back and explore the rest of the house.

Upper Floors[edit | edit source]

Once you got on the Ground level from the basement, you'll notice a ladder on your left. Climb the ladder and walk into the doorway in front of you. Go up the stairs, walk left and then right into a bedroom without the roof. Climb on the fallen bookshelf on your right and get to the other room. Some paintings on the walls suggests that this was the kids' room. Search under the table in the corner and collect the Child's Drawing. The drawing is a hint to a hidden storage room under a dead tree. Climb on the bookshelf near the table and jump on the wooden platform in front of you. Use what remains of the tiled roof to get over the previous bedroom and then to the other side of the house. Once you're there, jump on the three wooden beams until the tiled roof with ivy on it.

Finally jump on the rock in front of you. Be careful with this last jump: the slope might trick your eyes, so take one step less than usual before jumping.

Surroundings (Ancient Idol)[edit | edit source]

Go right and jump on the rocks until you reach a wider area with a big rock in the middle and a fallen tree on top. Walk right under the tree and you'll find a wooden door, well hidden between green bushes. Use a Crowbar to force open it. Inside you'll find a Canned Food and an Ancient Idol. Get out the small storage room and climb on the rocks on your right, up to the top. Walk on the fallen tree and jump across the gap. Follow the path until the very end. Then, turn right and jump to the other side. Keep going straight and you'll see a Shelter on your left. On the right the path lead you to a dead tree you can push down to create a shortcut.

Trivia: if you walk towards the cliff south of the house, you can find one of the wells marked on the Trials Maps. Daphne will refuse to get inside.

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