The Radio Tower

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The Radio Tower
Category: Main Route

Location: The Other Side

Fast travel: No

Sticky Note
André (on radio)

Mystery Man (on radio)

Power on the Radio Tower

Find André's Hideout

Find Ibrahim

A Ticket to Freedom (continued)

The Final Countdown


The Radio Tower is located north-east of The Military Post. It's an old radio station that can be used to make contact with the outside of the island. It's in poor condition, closed with a padlock and out of power, meaning that the militia itself rarely makes use of it.

Trivia: the radio tower's look reminds the one featured in the TV show "Lost", as seen in the last episodes of the third season; the reference becomes apparent if you look closely to one side of the radio station, beneath the vines, where you can see a faded "dharma logo" with the shape of a bull at the center.

Close to the door there's a dead body of a man dressed like a worker (a shot of the same dead man can be seen in the introduction video of Die Young: Prologue, when Nehir is thinking back to the failed plan). According to the story told by Ibrahim, the man may be identified as Yusuf, the accomplice that should have helped him to escape the island. The document lying near the corpse ("Sticky Note"), in which both the password and the frequency to Ibrahim's "friends" are handwritten, confirms this theory.

Pick up the document and open it to read the frequency inside. Use a Crowbar to open the padlock blocking the door of the station and get inside. On the left wall there's a power switch. If you try to pull the lever down, Daphne will notice that there's no electricity and a new tasks ("Power on the Radio Station") will be added to your to-do list. Outside the station there's a red backup generator; its fuel tank is empty and you need to refill it. To do so, be sure to have the Fuel Can in your inventory (it can be retrieved inside The Biofuel Refinery) and use the Fuel Source to get 10 units of Fuel; then, go back to the generator and interact with it. The engine will start and now you'll be able to power on the station using the switch inside.

Now that the station has electricity you can use the radio panel. You'll now have three options: call André, call on the frequency you found on the document or try a random frequency.

Trivia: selecting the "random frequency" option you'll hear several people talking, music and some other sounds, but none of them has a meaning in the game.
Calling André[edit | edit source]

After a brief introduction, André explains to Daphne that he managed to get to a mining area where he's now hiding somewhere around there. He says to be hurt, though, and that he can't move. Ask him for more clues about his hideout and he'll tell Daphne he's inside a mining shelter and that he can hear a squeaking sound coming from the outside (a new task, "Find André's hideout", will be added to your to-do list).

Head out the radio station and go to the Old Mines.

Calling the Mystery Man (Part I)[edit | edit source]
Trivia: the frequency for getting in touch with the Mystery Man can be obtained in three ways by:

Calling this frequency is not strictly needed until the very end of the game (see below, Calling the Mystery Man (Part II)). However, if you do that you can get useful information about Ibrahim's location and unlock few new lines in dialogues with other characters.

The person who answers the call is a man who doesn't identify himself and doesn't seem to care about Daphne's current situation. When you get in touch for the first time, he will mistake Daphne for Nehir, like he was expecting a call from her. Once he realizes the misunderstanding, his attitude gets colder. He's asking for Ibrahim and tells Daphne that he will help her if she finds that man for him first (the task "Find Ibrahim" is then added to your list). Ask him more on Ibrahim's whereabouts and he'll tell you that the man is held as a prisoner in the Headquarter of the Military Post.

Exit the radio station and head for the Headquarter.

Calling the Mystery Man (Part II)[edit | edit source]

Once you got the password from Ibrahim, you need to get back to the radio station. Call the Mystery Man and tell him the password ("Goldstein"). He will give Daphne some very specific instructions: she has to be at the temple atop the mining area (The Temple of Hope) by 9 am of the next day. He then close the communication for good.

Trivia: after hearing the password, the Mystery Man asks Daphne if she knows where the lighthouse is. That's the same place where Nehir's rendezvous was in the Prologue. The area is inaccessible in the main game, but you can spot the lighthouse in the far distance from some viewpoints near The Watchtower.

Leave the radio station and Daphne's walkie-talkie will pick up a call from André. The call is quite different depending if you killed or DID NOT killed Dave at Pyres Beach. If you killed him, you will receive a call for help from André, who has been found by the militia in his hideout at the Old Mines (if you go there now, you'll find his dead body). If you did not kill Dave, you'll hear André revealing to have burned Dave in order to gain Brother Number 1's blessing and leave the island. Far in the distance, you can see black smoke rising from the direction of the beach (if you go there, Daphne will receive another call from Brother Number 1 telling her that André has been tied to another pyre, waiting for her to complete The Last Trial).

Now you can either go around the island completing secondary tasks or go directly to the nearest shelter and select the new option "Wait until tomorrow". The next day, head for The Temple of Hope.

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